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41wwBAcKANL Reviews Sassy Pop N Push Car

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Sassy Pop N Push Car
By Sassy
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  • Pop up beads introduce concept of cause and effect
  • Helps develop motor skills, crawling
  • Pull back and release powers car to go
  • Developmentally appropriate for 6 months and older
  • Soft, rounded car body is safe in baby’s environment

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By C. Herman : Date September 14, 2011
My 8 1/2 month old son just started playing with his new Sassy Pop N Push Car. It makes a great first car! I am glad I read the reviews because the picture does make it look bigger so this video will help you see the actual size. He is just rolling it back and forth, but if you roll it back it rolls forward on it’s own.

Reviews By K. Rhodes : Date January 10, 2010
I bought this for my granddaughter who’s eight months. Even she can do this. It’s actually a pull-back toy – pull the car back, and let it go…and the little balls pop around. It’s so cute…I like it too! Sturdy and small for little hands.

This reminds me of a toy made by a certain maker years ago (don’t know if I can mention their name legally or not so I just won’t) that was on a long stick and you walked behind it and it had bigger balls inside that popped…like a popcorn maker!

Cute toy, highly recommend.

Reviews By M. A. Willis : Date November 22, 2009
This is a very simple toy for a crawling infant to use. No parts, no blocks, no switches, just push it and watch the balls pop. Sometimes that’s all they want — no bells and whistles.

Reviews By L. Esparza : Date January 8, 2011
Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. It was a good price and serves its purpose.

I was only unhappy with the size of the car. I did not read the dimensions before purchasing so I did not realize how small the car was. It’s about the size of a softball. I was thinking it was going to be about the size of a soccer ball. Because of the smaller size the balls inside are rather small and dont really catch my daughter’s attention like I thought it would. But, it was my fault for not reading the dimensions.
I was, however, pleasantly surprised at the fact that it will propel itself after being pulled backward. I was not aware of that feature and was happy when I found that out.

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