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PlanToys Firefighter Set
By Plan Toys
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  • PlanToys Practices The Three R’S Of Green Living Reduce Reuse And Recycle
  • We Are Committed To Minimizing Our Impact On The Environment
  • Plantoys Are Made From NonToxic Natural Materials Such As Organic Rubberwood
  • Our Toys And Play Sets Have Real World Functionality Which Encourages Creative Play In A Positive Learning Environment
  • The Educational Merits Of Our Toys Are Recognized By Some Of The Most Prestigious Awards In Our Industry

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By K. Arbuckle : Date October 18, 2012
Plan Toys does a good job producing wooden, non toxic toys. These firefighters were a little too large in size, however, to use in conjunction with my two and a half year old grandson’s other toys (trucks, cars, and legos). He especially liked to play with the accessories (axe, fire extinguisher, oxygen tank), but not so much with the firefighters themselves.

Reviews By Nilku : Date February 17, 2011
After we had gotten the fire engine Plan Toy, and it had not included the dolls, we had to get the dolls. Although, a little on the expensive side, the dolls are durable and flexible. They are pretty good as action figures, they can have different poses. I had hoped the material for the outfits would have been more realistic than nylon. Otherwise, the dolls fit well with the fire engine. There is a place for each on the fire engine.

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