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Jungle Speed
By Asmodee
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  • In Jungle Speed, you must rely on your keen sense of observation and quick reflexes
  • For 2 to 8 players
  • It requires a steady hand – which can be hard to maintain during the many fits of maniacal laughter
  • 20 minutes of playtime

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Reviews By HJ : Date April 12, 2010
Jungle Speed is a great game to liven up your Friday night. Basically the game consists of a totem that sits in the middle of the table. As the players flip their cards sequentially, matches occur and trigger a mad grab for the totem.

I owned the original version of the game that included a fine quality heavy wooden totem, which in theory is a nice perk. In practice and by practice, I mean several beers into the evening, the smaller wooden totem was not as “kid” friendly (or drunk friendly) as the new version, which includes the plastic yellow totem.

The game always starts out only as civil as a British tea party, but two rounds in erupts into a shout out at the ok corral. I love this game.

My nieces and nephews also love this game. They learned the rules quickly (faster than the adults did) and they love to play. Now, its usually hard to pry them off from their game box and its simply great to see them enjoying a game that does not plug into the wall.

Reviews By GadgetGirl : Date February 6, 2007
This is my favorite new game. Playing it results in a lot of laughter, so don’t buy it if you don’t like laughing. This is a card matching game that’s enjoyable for anyone from the kids to grandma. The rules are complex and the cards are easy to confuse because the game is played at warp speed and you must make decisions quickly. Sometimes you win a play by hesitating, but the usual route to victory is quick reflexes. As the Jungle Speed folks claim, “It’s tense, it’s manic and it’s a bucketful of laughs”.

Reviews By JDN : Date April 18, 2009
Jungle Speed is a fast paced game requiring eye-hand coordination, and is hilarious in a group setting. Each person is dealt cards with geometric images on them, which are turned over one by one at each person’s turn. There is a wooden “handle” in the center of the table, which must be grabbed speedily if an image card matches anyone else’s card out on the table. It is a great game with lots of laughter and good competition. After playing it at our house, many friends have bought it, too.

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