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GuideCraft Doll Buggy
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Price for GuideCraft Doll Buggy.

  • Features an Adjustable Handle, Sturdy Set of Wheels with Rubber Tires and Three-Piece Bedding Set
  • Doll Buggy Dimensions: 17in H x 22in W x 12in L / Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Natural Finish
  • Great for Helping Early-Learning Walkers to Gain their Balance
  • Designed for Dolls Up to 21in

List Price: $80.00

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GuideCraft Doll Buggy Description

Designed for Dolls Up to 21in..

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Jesse L. Hatfield : Date October 30, 2011
This buggy was purchased for my little girls first birthday and it is perfect. She was really trying hard to walk on her own and just needed something like this to give her a little more confidence in getting from point A to B. With this cute little buggy, she was able to walk all around the house using the handle for a little support and now Loves walking her little Doll (Not Included) everywhere. She also dumps her doll off everywhere and doesn’t always pick her back up :

Anyway, I found the instructions to be very simple and putting it together took very little time; 20 minutes max. I am somewhat handy and I try to take that into account when writing reviews but I really think anyone could put this together with ease. Only thing that stands out to me is that it does require a rubber headed mallet/hammer when installing the aluminum stoppers onto the axle. You would definitely not want to use a regular hammer and if you don’t have a rubber one, you can easily use a piece of soft wood or compressed board as a barrier.

Reviews By Norma J. Wolf : Date July 26, 2011
We LOVE this product. We bought little wooden flowers, animals, etc, and attached them to the sides to make it even more sweet. The rubber on the wheels is awesome. My kids don’t want their baby to have anything plastic. This doll buggy is absolutely perfect for my little granddaughter.

Reviews By mommyy : Date November 25, 2011
We bought this stroller for my son when I was pregnant with our second child. He used it a little, but wasn’t as interested as I thought he would be. Now that my daughter is almost 2, this stroller is finally getting a lot of use. She loves to put her babies in and walk them around. The stroller is nice and sturdy and I love the rubber trim on the wheels on our wood floors.

There are a couple of cons though. When my daughter was learning to walk, she would sometimes grab this stroller to walk with and it would tip over when she pushed too hard on the handle. It isn’t designed to be a walker, so either be ready for your child to take a couple of little tumbles, or wait until they are steady. It is also unstable if a child decides to try and sit in it. My daughter managed to not only flip it over but pinned herself under the handle.

Overall, I am very happy with this stroller. If I hadn’t already had it, I would have waited until my daughter was a little older before letting her play with it.

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