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European Sailing Boat
By Puzzled, Inc.
0stars Cheap Price European Sailing Boat

Cheap Price for European Sailing Boat.

  • 3Dimensional Wooden toy
  • Educational, unique and enhances creativity
  • Piece Count: 80
  • Assembled Size 18”Lx6”Wx12”H
  • Cool ,fun, Inspiring toys

List Price: $12.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By S. Anderson : Date January 9, 2010
i found this new and unopened at a second hand shop. i got it for my nearly five year old to do with his wooden-boat-building-grandfather. they had a great time putting it together; my son learned some more about boats from his grandfather as they assembled it- but ! there were no instructions! at all. not even schematic drawings, or something strange obviously lost in translation. after realizing what they were up against, my parents took it away to look at more closely, pop out pieces(sometimes with an xacto knife), sand them, and number them to try to keep track of them. i am not sure that some one without boat savvy could have put it together. also, it is not sea worthy so any sailing will have to be in the imagination…but my 5 year old loves it, and especially the time spent with his grandfather building it.

Reviews By anonymous : Date December 16, 2012
Bought as a Christmas present. Delivery was quick. Not sure everything needed for assembly was included. This was my first 3D puzzle purchase, so hopefully it is exciting.

Reviews By Harry Newton : Date December 3, 2012
Very nice kit where parts fit together nicely. I use the paper sails as a guide to trace onto muslin cloth to create more authentic and realistic sails. Additional rigging also by using the upright stantions on port and starboard …drilling small hole in each and running additional rigging lines which really is impressive to the overall model.

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