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Balance Beam
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  • Solid birch beam
  • 2.8″ side can be flipped to 1.5″ width
  • Fits securely into pegged feet

List Price: $95.99

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Balance Beam Description

Fits securely into pegged feet..

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By My $.03 : Date January 25, 2010
With a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old, both of whom could use a wee bit of improvement with their overall coordination, I decided to order this balance beam as a Christmas gift. My wife was skeptical. She didn’t think it would be any fun and thought that the kids would soon lose interest. Boy was she wrong.

It’s been a month and a half since it arrived and every single day since we’ve got it, the kids have played with it. Because the item is a bit long, my wife will often put it away to clear some space, but inevitably within hours the kiddies request that we set it back up.

While not exactly educational, from a results perspective, our kid’s overall balance has definitely improved in the short time that we’ve had it. From a build quality perspective, it’s very well made and quite solid. It can be set in the wide or narrow position, though in our case we’ve only used the wide. It did hold me at 195lbs, though I will admit I was a bit apprehensive and holding my breath.

Reviews By A. J. Wipfler : Date January 19, 2009
The balance beam is made of real maple wood. It is very sturdy for a young child.It has two ways of using it — one wider balance beam and turned on its side as a narrower one. It’s very nicely done, easy to use, easy to take apart and put away when not in use.

Reviews By Befragt : Date August 31, 2012
I bought this balance beam for the obvious reason that I wanted my kids to improve their balance, especially the younger ones. I must say that the kids really do like it, especially the 3 and 5 year old, and we’ve made up some games to keep things fun (we put some disks down around the beam and tell them they’re walking over lava, for example). In my mind, mission accomplished.

My wife, however, objects to the price. As pictured, this beam is basically a 6 foot 2×4 with a couple holes on a base. The wood is decent quality and finished, but as she points out, it’s an expensive 2×4.

Regardless, I’m happy the kids are using this and working on their balance.

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