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Learning Cube By Maxim Enterprises
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  • Each side has a different activity
  • Bright primary colors used
  • Removable and reversible bead fun top with large beads for little hands
  • Paint is lead free and non toxic
  • Made of durable sturdy hard wood

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Learning Cube Description

Made of durable sturdy hard wood. Any child will love this 5 in 1 learning cube. Its entertaining design helps your child build basic motor skills, eye to hand coordination, and problem solving skills. This learning cube includes a removable and reversible Bead Fun Top with large beads for little hands, ideally painted with lead free paint.

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Jennifer : Date October 14, 2006
I can’t change my star rating or I would change it to 0. This toy is greatly overpriced and though I got it for a fraction of the cost, I recently returned it. The wooden xylophone is out of tune and not nearly as satisfying for my 20-month-old son to play with as a much cheaper metal xylophone is. The bead maze on top holds his interest the most, but the top comes off very easily when he pulls on the wires for leverage and it’s way too easy to get his little fingers under it. The top is VERY heavy. After trying out the wipe off board, it is poor as well. I’m not sure why they made it black. Our wipe off markers, which we had to buy separately, hardly show up on the black board. White would have been much nicer. The peg maze on the side is hard to manipulate and the pegs constantly get stuck. The abacus is fine, but not enough to save the toy. I would never pay the retail price for this. I returned it even though I paid much much less for it. Your child will have much more fun with just about any other toy, and not have to risk crushing their little fingers. I also notice several small parts, perfect for choking hazards, that are merely glued on. NO STARS!!

One other note, Maxim recently had most of their products recalled from a local store here. I won’t be buying any other Maxim toys for my family.

Reviews By Lisa Kay Hojnowski : Date January 18, 2007
I was concerned at first with the price. I had seen more inexpensive Cubes at other stores but am glad I went with this one. This Cube is very nice and sturdy, one of the nicest I have seen. I do recommend this item but I wish it had more beads on top.

Reviews By Thoughtfox : Date November 11, 2012
We bought this for our now 3 1/2 year old son, and he loved it. It’s sturdy and well made; it’s actually beautiful but Amazon is selling it for $59.99 and we bought it at Wal-Mart for a fraction of the cost.

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