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Mini Desktop Darts By Toysmith
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  • Set includes wood display, 2 sided magnetic dart board, 2 yellow darts, 2 red darts, and Instructions
  • For ages 8 and above
  • Board measures 4″ x 4″

List Price: $9.99

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Mini Desktop Darts Description

Grip your dart by the barrel! This desktop version of the classic game of darts features a double sided 4″ magnetic dart board, wooden play stand, two 2″ red magnetic darts and two 2″ yeellow magnetic darts.

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By 19WizardofOz : Date April 10, 2011
I use these mini darts near my work station and it serves as an excellent stress buster. It is not meant for serious play, but is a good tabletop accessory. Looks nice too..

Reviews By Elantric : Date October 9, 2012
The set looks good with the wooden flap and bright colors. A good adornment for your desk.

The main problem with this item is that the darts do not stick on the board if you throw them hard. As the magnets are too small, the darts just bounce off the boards. You have to be very gentle in throwing the darts for the magnets to work.

Many people who walk by my desk tried it and were unhappy about this since you can’t really play much with it.

Reviews By the kiiler tomatoe inc : Date September 24, 2012
the product is perfect to have over the desktop to personalize a little bit your work space, also when you need those 5 minutes of distraction to unblock new ideas you can trow a couple of time and continue the work. It is not exactly a toy that I could give as a gif to my nephews, but I could used as a promotional gift between my clients.

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