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KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue
By KidKraft
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  • Smart, sturdy construction
  • Oven knobs click and turn
  • Doors open and close
  • Packaged with detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Lolita Angelique Lee : Date May 27, 2011
I purchased this for my son and daughter, who share ALL OF THEIR TOYS ( …. joking they fight over everything). I needed to get an upgrade to their existing plastic kitchen set; I had purchased from a local discount store. Albeit, functional, just way too small for the little guys to play on simultaneously. Now in terms of color, the “vintage” blue is a pale eggshell,finish. It’s very muted, and works great in a room with muted colors. It does look exactly like the picture, and has “great” durability. This is more than a toy- it’s furniture. In terms of construction, it’s on par with a crib or changing table. I read many reviews on the time it takes to put together. And I have to admit, it does take several hours,and carefully reading the directions. It’s not too difficult to follow, just super time consuming. I am fairly handy, and it took me 4 hours. Do not take any of the steps for granted, during assembly. It is crucial to follow each and every step – to the letter. Or it will not assemble right at all. There are NO EXTRA PARTS,other than 2 A/B screw/bolt combination. So read, read read. I can’t stress it enough- READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS. The end products is a beautiful piece of furniture. PAYING LESS FOR THE COLOR, is a smart buy.

Reviews By skysmom : Date December 25, 2011
We were really excited to get this as a Christmas gift for my 16-mo baby girl. When she saw it on Christmas morning, needless to say, she was fascinated. She loves opening doors and turning knobs etc whether it’s a toy kitchen or not. So it’s great that she has one of her own to grow with. I got it at a discount and therefore am happy that I was able to get her a wood kitchen in lieu of a plastic one. It was not difficult to assemble tho it’s not a fast assembly, but fun! Overall construction appears sturdy for now. Also included are plastic straps (not sure how dependable) to brace the entire toy kitchen to the wall to prevent falling on kids! Great idea.
Drawbacks -
1. Color/ paint scratches easily. We’ve only assembled it last night and played with it for 1 hr this morning. It’s mdf construction but paint job not so scratch-resistant.
2. Screws for the little feet do not fit. For now, it will sit directly on the floor. That impedes the lower doors from opening since we have carpet and the lower doors go all the way to the floor. I will try their customer service for replacement parts.
3. Altho all the panels are made of mdf which is strong, the ‘accessories’ such as phone, knobs, burners, faucet, handles, pole – all of it – are plastic. It would’ve been great if these were also painted wood. Surprisingly the paint chips off the plastic pieces as well.
4. One horizontal piece at the top of the kitchen and the side panel of the microwave are cut too long. Unless this is intentional, they prevent the unit from being snug against the wall.
I might write directly to Kidcraft to suggest design changes/ideas.

Reviews By Mary Buccafusca : Date November 24, 2012
Love it….but not sure why the blue is priced higher. One of the doors didn’t close right – hinge bound.

Reviews By Will : Date July 21, 2013
The final product is amazing. And that anybody can produce something so beautiful for such a low price is incredible. The catch, if there is one, is that it comes as a kit that you need to put together. There are 25 steps, and perhaps over 100 pieces involved. The instructions are excellent, though. Every piece of hardware and wood panel is labeled. An example step would show you to attach piece 25 with 4 bolts labeled “A”, and 4 nuts labeled “B”. And so on. It took me 2 hrs to put together without breaks, and I’m pretty decent at puzzles, model airplanes, etc. Tools required are one Phillips and one flat-head screwdriver (and perhaps a couple of beers). So just know you’re buying into a project. But the result is beautiful, and in the end you’ll feel really proud that you put together something so pretty for your child. Highly recommended.

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