Mini Rapunzel Plush Doll — 11” H

41LMK2K6RiL Mini Rapunzel Plush Doll    11 H


  • 11” Tall
  • Made to cuddle
  • Full of hugs
  • Polyester material

Product Description

Rapunzel looks extra soft and sweet as a Mini Plush Doll, dreaming of faraway adventures outside her tower. This soft-stuffed Tangled heroine features velvety golden hair and her signature lavender dress. This doll has identical details to the larger plush dolls but sized just right for a young child. It is a much more manageable size for travel and holding in the car. What a sweet, soft, cuddly perfect size for on the go, to carry around everywhere.

more Mini Rapunzel Plush Doll    11 H

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