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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By JC : Date November 16, 2011
OK maybe I should not be posting a review because I did not buy it from this seller, BUT after seeing the 1 star rating THREE times from people who obviously have NO CLUE as to what they are even rating or talking about, and myself having personal experience with this plane and ovr 13 yrs of flying exp. makes me qualified to review this model or any type of “foamy” aircraft models.

Reviews By Half Flaps : Date January 6, 2012
This was my first flat out adventure. And I must say, it has been an adventure to say the least. Question; Would I recommend this bi plane to just anyone? NO! Why? To start with, the construction is not for the beginner. Matter of fact, I been in building and flying RC planes since 1960. I did a little free flight and control line even before that. So, I’m qualified to venture an opinion here?
The overall instructions is not clear at all and can be a bit frustrating at times. The photo’s are a bit fuzzy and at the wrong angle, this does not aid in figuring it all out. However, if one is careful to consider what is actually being said in the instructions, you can certainly get the gist of it enough to make the build. I will warn you however, the landing gear is a bit to far back and is also rather puny. I also do not like the push rod system at all as it is not properly adjustable and a biplane should have easy adjustment on all surfaces.
The plane is pretty durable, and it is rather nice looking and draws comments of praise from the onlookers. Mine turns out a bit heavy, though I have not weighed it yet. It don’t fly all that great on 7.4v batteries and cries for more power. I am using the recommended RIM FIRE motor and it was necessary to go to an 11.1v battery. (LIPO) I am still fine tuning the flight characteristics but it seems to me to be pretty much an outdoor plane or possibly a large indoor area. I only have pretty small places available indoors at this time.
So, How do I rate this project? Well, it doesn’t meet my expectations so far, but there are many pilots of better qualifications out there that might think it is the cats meow! Over all it is fun to fly but be sure to feed in a lot of expo!

Reviews By jared : Date October 17, 2012

Reviews By Disco Potato : Date August 13, 2012
First of all, this is a hobby grade airplane, which sell on all the major hobby stores/websites, this is not a toy that you can just pop out of the box, read over the directions and fly in 30 minutes. If you are new to r/c planes, you should only consider this product if you have done all of your research the mechanics and requirements behind it. The product description clearly shows what is required. On a budget, I put together all of the requirements for around $100, not including the transmitter that I already had. You can pick up a cheap transmitter for under $100. Also, be prepared to crash over and over and over, and chances are replace parts frequently, as these are very fragile. I would recommend flight sims on a computer for a while 1st. I use Phoenix r/c, and the models fly almost exactly as they will in real life. The assembly manual did the job, but was a bit frustrating at times. It took me about 15 hours total, as I couldn’t find a way to let the glue dry on multiple pieces. I had to wait on one to dry before the other was assemlbed. A couple things left out and a little more detail should have been included on some items, but overall, was okay.

All that said, if you are an experienced flyer, I highly recommend this model. This was my first venture into 3D foam, and I’m glad I picked up this plane. It flies effortlessly, very very predictable. It slow flies and can go pretty fast at wide open throttle. It was very stable when I tried hovering. I can’t imagine there are better flying planes out there after flying this one, highly recommended.

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