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Estes X-81 By Estes
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  • Thrust vector steering
  • Comes With 90 Day Warranty
  • Twin electric motors
  • 17 3/4″ wing span

List Price: $64.99

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Estes X-81 Description

17 3/4″ wing span..

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By P.A. From New Jersey : Date September 16, 2012
I can only surmise that the reason this product hasn’t gotten better reviews is because the people using it either had some bad luck or haven’t really flown that much. It doesn’t take an expert to fly this model but you should have at least a little familiarity with R/C flying. I would suggest that before you even run the engines, glide test the aircraft to see if you need to add weight to the front or the rear, or if the plane is good the way it is.

Reviews By Justin Vance : Date February 11, 2012
I bought this thing thinking it would be a good entry level rc plane. Turns out it isn’t very good. I’ve flown other rc planes and helicopters without much difficulty, but this thing is a pain. It basically doesn’t fly in wind above 0.00001 mph. If there is any sort of wind, be prepared to have it crash when you attempt to turn away from the wind. Getting the plane to actually start flying is the hardest part. After a few launch failures the body of the plane actually broke in half! That was from crashing (propellers weren’t strong enough to keep it in the air) from 5 feet in the air onto thick grass. I would have expected that from throwing it nose first into cement, but this?! The steering is ok at best, and trying to tap the joystick the correct number of times to bring it out of a turn is a chore. Save your money, it is not worth paying $65 for. There are much better rc planes out there for the same price.

Reviews By Bad Tomato : Date May 13, 2012
My wife bought this for my birthday. As a grown adult, I’m not interested in toys, but she thought it would be a good activity for me and our son to do together. WRONG. This piece of foam just kept crashing, and would not fly. You need to adjust it for flight with some washers if it’s nose heavy. But it just kept crashing.

I only attempted to fly this only 5 times, and it’s ready to snap in half. And this is flying it at the local grassy park. It’s been a frustrating experience for my son and me. I would have gladly spent 5 times the amount for something of quality. The foam most things are packaged in today are stronger than this.

Take fifty dollars and either set fire to it, or throw it out the window. It’s the same thing as buying this junk.

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