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Syma S109G Apache AH-64 3.5-Channels Mini Indoor Helicopter By Tenergy
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Buy Cheap Syma S109G Apache AH-64 3.5-Channels Mini Indoor Helicopter. With Special Pomotions

  • Has a 10 meter control distance
  • Full 3 channels: up, down, left, right, forward, and backward
  • Flies in 6 different directions
  • 2 Selectable Frequencies Let’s You Fly Up To 2 Helicopters At Once
  • Comes with toy specific battery

List Price: $49.99

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Syma S109G Apache AH-64 3.5-Channels Mini Indoor Helicopter Description

Comes with toy specific battery. The Syma S109G is a palm size 3-Channels Helicopter, it has a youngest brother in the Syma Apache line. The S109G has a Co-Axial structure which is specially made for first time flyers. The S109G is built with thick plastic body which always survives in crashes. The Syma S109G is equipped with a 4-in-1 receiver (Gyro, ESC, Mixer, Receiver), allows the helicopter to move in all directions. This hobby helicopter is designed for ages 8 and up. Features: Apache 3-Channels AH-64 Helicopter. It can fly in 6 directions: clockwise/anti-clockwise, forward/backward, and up/down. Double protection. Head lights. 3D full function. Built-in GYRO. Very strong and solid built. Durable design to survive though crashes. Compact in size. Helicopter can be charged through computer USB socket. Includes: Helicopter i-Transmitter USB charging cable for i.copter USB charging cable for iPhone transmitter User manual Specifications: Fly functions: up/down, left/right, & forward/backward. Helicopter battery: 3.7V 55mAh Li-polymers. Charging time: 20-30 minutes. Flying time: 3-5 minutes. Controlling distance: about 10 meters. Helicopter size: 19 x 8.5 x 7.5cm. Box size: 27.

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Eric Rutter : Date July 1, 2011
I have a small squadron of mini helicopters and this one is by far the best so far. I read great reviews of the Syma S107. I was quite pleased with it compared to some of the older Syma models. Then I saw the positive reviews for this and thought I would give it a go. It flies incredibly well! Quiter than the other seven helicopters I have and so stable, smooth, and responsive. It is a little slow with forward and reverse momentum, but not bad. Slow is easier to control…maybe that was intentional. We fly these every day in the office and this hands down outperforms everthing else.
For those comparing models, here you go:
Syma S109 Apache- Excellent
Syma S105G (Sport Helicopter) Very Good -Fastest, stable, but somewhat loud, durable metal frame
Syma S107G- (Sport Helicopter) Very good- nearly identical to S105 but a little slower, different scheme,older?
Syma S026 Chinook- Looks cool, flies ok, but hard to control. Too much power for its weight; ‘Cieling magnet’
Syma S013 Black Hawk- Horrible! Very light, spins uncontrollably, fragile
Syma S013 Apache- See S013 Black Hawk review. (friend purchased this one to join the fun: nothing but regrets)

Heard the S108G Cobra is good too but haven’t tried it. My deployment to Iraq is almost over, so I probably won’t be buying any more toys.

Reviews By Snipeworm : Date August 25, 2011
I own two other indoor helicopters that I purchased for three to four times as much money at the mall. This is the helicopter that has the best control out of all of them. I can land this thing on a soda can and fly circles around my wives head (my favorite part, especially when she is watching stupid tv shows like the Kardashians). This is the absolute best gift for any male you know. My 8 year old can fly it. Cant say enough about what you get for the price. I also love the silly Engwish warnings printed on the props.

Reviews By B. Edwards : Date July 17, 2011
What a difference a gyro makes! Incredible…I tried one of the 1st gen micro R/C copters (no gyro on those) not long after they came out, and found them to be extremely difficult to control and not much fun because of it.

This generation with the gyro is just amazing though…SO stable, SO easy – but not boring. There is still a learning curve for complete R/C noobies that will make this a great first R/C copter, but I look at it almost like a challenge…trying to master this little beast is FUN!

This also actually looks like a real helicopter, compared to the ones I bought previously, which looked like….well like R/C copters – completely unrealistic.

The LED lights are awesome so you can fly at night (my kids LOVE that – the dog…not so much), and the thing even seems to behave like a real helicopter, with ground effect and having to reduce speed (thrust?) to tilt forward (I am no pilot or physicist, but I do know that the previous models I tried did not give me any kind of sense of “this thing FEELS like I am flying a real helicopter!”)

Gonna stop now because I sound like I work for the company (not even sure who the company is actually, but whoever it is, they sorely need an English native to write the English part of the instruction manual!)

Can’t recommend this enough. Easy easy 5 stars.

FYI if you are interested in modding your Syma (specifically, the cheap, easy and awesome tail rotor mod that makes it faster and more agile), you should buy the model that looks like the R/C copter (107G I believe).

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