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Schylling Fifteen Puzzle By Schylling
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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Train50 : Date October 9, 2010
This little plastic brain-teaser puzzle is a duplicate of one I had as a child. It’s well-engineered, and the tiles slide smoothly within the frame. It comes with a carrying case, and at 2.5 x 2.5 inches, you can easily pop it in your pocket to pass the time during a lull in your busy day.

Reviews By thepolarbearclan : Date October 20, 2011
I had Fifteen Puzzle toy when I was a child and enjoyed making my own pattern and sequence as well as solving the standard sequence. My sons now use these for car trip toy, waiting for their turn during recital songs and toys that they keep in the pockets of their cargo pants. My kids can solve them when they were 5 but still enjoy playing with them. Learning to move a tile out of place to solve the bigger puzzle is a necessary but hard to grasp concept.

This cheap (should cost less than $3) actually slides better than the more expensive ($10) Think Fun’s metal version.

Reviews By Amelia : Date December 25, 2012
Pretty good quality. The pieces slide nicely. Good for kids and adults alike to keep the brain sharp, even when we get old.

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