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LEGO Pirate Building Set By LEGO
0stars Reviews LEGO Pirate Building Set

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  • Ideal for young and inexperienced builders
  • Complete with treasure chest, ship and shark
  • 150 pieces
  • Includes minifigure and special elements
  • Lots of extra building ideas

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By AmazonLover : Date May 27, 2009
This is a great set for young pirate lovers with easy to follow instructions. I love this set because it uses more traditional LEGO pieces, meaning there are more plain 2X4 pieces. Most new themed LEGO sets have more specialty pieces than normal LEGO pieces, but not with this set. Being an old school LEGO fan I really like seeing that. That becomes a huge bonus when your child wants to rebuild the pieces using their own imagination because then they can put them together however they want. So many new sets have pieces that could only be used in certain ways. I love the new sets as well, but I am glad to see LEGO make some more traditional types as well. Hope you enjoy LEGOs as much as my son and me.

Reviews By doodah : Date December 18, 2012
Very disappointed. Will return. Little box little pieces high price for so little. Does not appear so little;very deceptive.

Reviews By cabu63 : Date June 9, 2011
My 4 year old grandson is able to follow the directions with only a little help. He has previously put together other lego sets so this is not his first experience. I am a teacher and the educational experience is 5 star. The price on Amazon is quite high. You can get a much better price at Toys R Us, especially when they put them on sale. I used Amazon because I had a gift card.

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