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LEGO Star Wars 10225 R2D2 By LEGO
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  • Retractable third leg
  • 2 fold-out front spacecraft linkage control arms.
  • Front panels open to reveal a universal computer interface arm and circular saw.
  • Measures over 12″ (31cm) high and 7″ (18cm) wide
  • Realistic rotating head

List Price: $179.99

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LEGO Star Wars 10225 R2D2 Description


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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By R. Ferguson : Date May 1, 2012
This R2-D2 set arrived in May of 2012 and is Lego’s first Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) version. UCS sets tend to place a premium on visual fidelity rather than playability, and they are usually among the most expensive sets in Lego’s line. Aside from mini figures, set #10225 is Lego’s second R2-D2, the first being the Technic-built #8009 from 2002.

The UCS R2-D2 comes with a small number of functions. It has a third leg that drops down via a lever on the rear. The left and right legs rotate backward. None of the legs have wheels, using smooth domed tiles instead (what the Legoscenti call “boat tiles”). It has an I/O port that swings out from the front-right (useful for disabling Death Star trash compactors), and a rotary cutting tool on the front-left; both of these tools are also controlled from the rear. For both tools, you must open their respective hatches by hand before deploying them. The blue horizontal arms on the front-middle swing open as well. The head has full rotation. The set comes with a display plaque and a mini figure R2-D2, just in case the large one is not enough.

The age range for the set is 16+, however, if you have a young R2 fan who is a precocious builder, this set will present little difficulty. The inner core is composed of Technic pieces to accommodate the third leg. There are a lot of white bricks; for this reason you may want to encourage younger builders to split the project into a number of days in order to ward off frustration.

Reviews By AB : Date July 27, 2012
R2-D2 is probably one of the most famous robots in movie history and it’s great to see LEGO produce this iconic character in brick form. This set produces a great looking model, with a heavy emphasis on the “model” aspect. While there is the ability to move the legs (and put the third leg inside the body), swivel the dome, and deploy some of R2′s tools, this set is far too bulky and heavy to really be considered a toy.

Reviews By adammit : Date August 17, 2012
Pretty awesome set and a good price too. Like all of the Lego UCS line this model when fully assembled has really great detail and looks impressive. Mine looks right at home next to my Lego Yoda and is practically the same height as well though artoo has about 1000 more pieces and it show’s in the detail.
building it was very easy and may have taking me about six hours to complete.
I really like how Lego has been numbering the bags that there new sets come in that way when you open up your instruction booklet it says to use bag ‘x’ at this point of the build as opposed to opening all the bags when you first get the set and having to search through the pieces for the right part. Their new build system makes things go much more smoothly.
I only have two gripes about this set. One being that the retractable leg while being cool and innovative the release mechanism for it doesn’t always work so well and it seems kind of gimmicky to me and I don’t really want gimmicks in the my UCS model. Second is that I wish the plaque had been designed to be attached to the model but I concede that there may not have been a realistic way of doing that.

Overall though I recommend this for any star wars or Lego fan.

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