Cheap Price LEGO Duplo Legoville Fire Station (5601)

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51PwUjx2KnL. SL75  Cheap Price LEGO Duplo Legoville Fire Station (5601)

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LEGO Duplo Legoville Fire Station (5601) By LEGO
0stars Cheap Price LEGO Duplo Legoville Fire Station (5601)

Price for LEGO Duplo Legoville Fire Station (5601).

  • Fire vehicle with light and sound function
  • Two garages and drive through function
  • Includes helicopter, slide, fire extinguisher and fire flames
  • Three Duplo firemen figures and a dog
  • Contains 72 pieces

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LEGO Duplo Legoville Fire Station (5601) Description

Contains 72 pieces..

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By T. Distaso : Date January 3, 2010
OK we are HUGE duplo fans!!
My 2 1\2 year old recieved this for Xmas. It has a lot of great fun pieces. It is a fun LOOKING design but it really is not that stable when together for kid play. I enjoy building the sets for my kids, but even I find it frustrating to see little bumps can knock it ALL apart. It seems to me the road pieces you use for the base plate just are not solid connectors for the legos compared to the usual thicker base plates. that really minimizes the stability of the whole fire house down at the foundation. So, when the whole concept of the playset, when together, is to have preschoolers pushing the vehicles through it’s first level you can see the basic problem. The tubes, which I thought would be fun, don’t stay togther well at all either, the connection from the designated lego piece to the tubes is so loose I knew it wasnt going to stay put from the start. Another kind of annoying thing is that my son also owns the firetruck you can buy seperately that compliments this set. It does not fit well through the roads at all!! First you can not have the siren light on top of the cab, or the ladder attached in certain configurations.
That all said I just have to build my own creations, becuase there are a lot of fun building pieces here and we have a lot of Duplos around to help build a more stable creation. But for the money I paid for it it does hold some disappoinment.

Reviews By J. G. Verkuil : Date October 22, 2009
I got this for my 15 month old son about a month ago, and we have been playing with it almost every night since. We build an elaborate fire station while he plays with the dog and blinking siren piece and then he takes the entire thing apart one piece at a time. Also, he likes to drop the firemen down the slide. Even if he doesn’t build the station he is engaged with the process.

Reviews By J. Eblin : Date November 30, 2009
Our son received this, the Legoville Fire Truck, and Basic Bricks for his 3rd birthday and absolutely loves them!! He plays with them just about everyday and loves to rebuild the fire station and create new things with the help of his 6 year old sister. We have also used these legos to help with teaching him his colors. We will probably add more Duplo Legos to this collection for Christmas.

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