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  • Bright yellow hero core on chest
  • Features separating plasma bow and shoulder-mounted wings
  • Stands 61/2? (17cm) tall
  • Specialities: Eagle animal power, scout and powered flight
  • 28 elements

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Rantazma : Date September 17, 2012
great toy, my boy loves them, He just love putting them together, I’ve bought enough of these now over the past year or so, we could probably make an army.

Reviews By yaya : Date October 21, 2012
My son loves furno 3.0 and considered him the captain of his Hero crew. He s been having lots of fun with it. He was able to combine it with another Hero to make a super Hero to fight the Witch Doctor. The price was also great.

Reviews By Arcite : Date July 14, 2012
I usually rate how difficult the build is going to be on the Lego Hero Factory figures based on the number of parts included. Well Furno 3.0 doesn’t have many parts, and is very easy to put together. In fact since I had Furno and Furno 3.0, I put both together in less than 20-minutes, and most of that was separating the parts. Good fun for a short period of time. If you really want a challenge buy Witch Doctor.

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