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LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Blade Cycle By LEGO
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  • Kai’s Blade Cycle measures over 5″ (15cm) long
  • Features golden Hypnobrai staff and 2 ninja swords
  • Includes 2 minifigures: Kai ZX and Rattla
  • Kai’s Blade Cycle features big blade attack function
  • 188 Pieces

List Price: $28.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Nicholas Miller : Date December 28, 2011
Lego dad with a new Ninjago set for the little ones. The line came out last year and was quite a hit with the wee Lego fans (well at least in my house!). So 2012 brings with it a new cartoon on TV and a new run of toys! I’m coming to you from the parent perspective on this one (I buy for both my son and myself as an adult fan of Lego) as this was purchased for my 6 year old. I paid 15$ retail for this and was well satisfied for what was included at that price point.

Pros: A new version of the Red Ninja! This one comes with an improved helmet (the ninja’s can finally look left and right) with some shoulder armor that can hold 2 swords on his back. The set also comes with one of the new snake men villains and a golden cobra staff. The toy itself is a lot of fun to build, as it combines some of the more technical Lego aspects with the Ninja theme. It took me about 25 minutes to completely assemble this so that my son could play. And according to him this set is “the most awesomest motor cycle ever!” It’s rather sturdy and will actually roll along a hardwood/tile floor rather smoothly.

Cons: Not to many to find here, the piece count, mini figures and unique parts make for an all around good value at 15$. I think Lego stating that it “transforms” is a gross overstatement. It does not, when you press down on the top of it, the “blades” of the bike poke out. It is a cool twist, but not all that.

Reviews By Justin G. : Date February 13, 2012
I’m not a huge fan of Lego’s Ninjago line (it reminds me of the Power Rangers), but my 6-year old son LOVES it (probably because it reminds him of the Power Rangers), so we recently bought him the Kai’s Blade Cycle set. It’s a giant red motorcycle with four “arms” that extend at the press of a button. The set also includes two minifigures – Kai ZX (my son assures me this is different from the plain old Kai, but is vague on exactly how) and a bad guy called Rattla. There’s also a little platform that holds a staff with a unique hypnotic-style piece.

Complexity: The set has 188 pieces, and once I saw that most of them were Technic elements, I knew I’d be assembling this one for my son. The instructions are clear as always, but the more complex Technic pieces tend to be more difficult for younger builders. It took me 30 minutes to assemble the bike.

Playability: It’s a ninja riding a giant red motorcycle! Yeah, this one is getting played with a lot. I love that it comes with a bad guy as well as the main character. I think Lego is stretching things a bit to call this a “transforming” set when all it does is extend a bit, but it’s still a neat feature.

I still prefer the City and Kingdoms sets, but I have to admit Kai’s Blade Cycle is pretty cool. It’s a neat, affordable addition to the Ninjago line, and one that my son definitely enjoys.

Reviews By Joan W. Johnson : Date February 23, 2012
My 5 yr old grandson is all about Lego’s – specifically Ninjago Lego kits – these days, so I ordered this set for his birthday. The first 3/4′s of the set went together perfectly, but I will say the last 25% was a bit more difficult than what we usually encounter (and that includes putting together the giant ATAT at Christmas time), and still doesn’t stay together very well.

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