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Monster High Robecca Steam Doll By Mattel
0stars Reviews Monster High Robecca Steam Doll

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  • Doll is fully articulated so she can be posed in many different ways
  • Collect all your favorite Monster High dolls
  • Includes doll, pet mechanical penguin named Captain Penny, diary, doll stand, brush, and accessory
  • Robecca Steam is the daughter of a Mad Scientist
  • The ghouls from Monster High are freakishly fabulous

List Price: $21.99

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Monster High Robecca Steam Doll Description

The ghouls from Monster High are freakishly fabulous. Monster High Robecca Steam Doll: The Monster High student body continues to grrr-ow with four new ghouls enrolling this year. Like her fellow classmates, Robecca Steam doll has a signature style with lots of scary cool details and an ancient monster heritage. Her internal clock runs a bit slow, but she makes up for it with a steampunk style that suits her metallic glow. She wears a dress that showcases her seams and comes with her pet mechanical penguin and diary. The teenage children of the legendary monster menaces have gathered together under one roof to attend high school at Monster High. These ghouls are wild, they’re fierce and they’re totally trendy. They’ve left their parents’ outdated haunting habits behind to form a killer style all their own. Collect all your favorite Monster High Dolls. Each doll sold separately.

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By The Escape Artist : Date August 2, 2012
I’ve had my eye on Robecca for months. I’ve had her Walmart holding page saved on my favorites for MONTHS (which has said ‘out of stock online’ FOR MONTHS). I’ve checked the Mattel website FOR MONTHS just to get a sales date or more information on the doll or *something* that was helpful. I’ve even been tempted to just give up and order Robecca on ebay. Finally I found Robecca (along with Venus and a few of the other 2012 dolls as well) at Target while I was out of state. My 6 year old and I were elated!!!

I can’t begin to say how amazing Robecca is. Pictures really do NOT do justice to the details of this doll. In all honesty, I’m surprised she isn’t limited edition – she has THAT much detail from her industrial blue/black gorgeous hair to her imprinted toes. Her clock theme is represented on her goggles, in her cog eyes (yep, she has liquid-copper-colored cogs painted on her irises!!!), and on the raised imprint pattern on her entire body. Her modern dress, Victorian outer hoop skirt, hatbox clock bag, cute little robot penguin, and “rocket boots” just seal her Victorian steampunk heritage.

Robecca has absolute universal appeal – great doll for ALL ethnicities (she’s British too!), a must for all MH collectors, and definitely appeals to fans of literature (steam punk and Victorian genres) and sci fi.

Reviews By JKS : Date October 12, 2012

Head – Bolts covering the upper forehead and dark black eyebrows with personified robotic expression on face. Irises of eye are copper cogs. Lips are a deep purple color.

Torso – Simulated bolted metal sheets covering torso excluding flesh toned underwear lines, like the other dolls…

Legs and Feet – Simulated bolted metal sheets covering entire leg and feet area. knees are capable of bending forward like a raptor…

Joints: On my personal doll the left arm if doll is facing me is loose at the elbow, all the other joints were snug. If you want to get her blue watch bracelet off you will need to remove her hand from its joint and slip it off, then replace the hand.

Clothing: What she is wearing is actually a dress with the cage skirt over it. Boots and goggles are exquisitely detailed. Rockets on the bottom and on the calve area of the boots are plastic and realistic. Earrings are cogs and gears. Her purse is a clock that opens. Captain Penny, her pet, is well made and durable.

Robecca Steam is just under 11 inches with her rocket boots on her feet and her goggles on her head. Without these items she stands 10 inches. Her hair frays and tangles at the first brushing so a (small!) amount of oil, (two finger dabs worth) like coconut oil will help her keep her curl pattern a bit better and the hair will lay down. Overall Robecca Steam is a great toy. Very well made and amazing fun details.

Reviews By John M Chapman : Date October 29, 2012
Upon receiving my Robecca Steam doll I was thrilled, her beautiful complexion, eye details (her pupils are gears) and riveted body make her by far the most detailed Monster High doll to date. Originally, after seeing promotional images, I was a little disappointed with her design, that all changed after I saw other collector’s personal pictures of her.

Her body sculpt is simply stunning, with rotating gears on the back of her calves and a heart shape on her chest, I enjoy her very much. I simply love to look at all the small details including her awesome boots, bird cage (the thing around her waist) and purse. While her accessories are a bit plain color-wise (I wish they had some painted details), they are highly detailed sculpt-wise and can be distressed to make up for it.

As for her outfit and accessories, the purse actually opens and the bolero is separate from the top which is separate from the skirt. I always like to know if the outfits are separates, so that’s why I figured I would mention it.

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