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LeapFrog Tag Reading System – Pink By Leapfrog
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  • With your tag reader, encourage your child’s love of reading by using the tag reading system now in pink
  • The tag reading and activity books have over 20 books and games available, including favorite TV and movie characters and classic stories
  • Parents can connect the tag reader online to the leapfrog learning path to see what their child is learning from this book
  • Kids will love to read the story and play learning activities that help build phonics skills
  • Using amazing touch technology, the tag reader makes learning to read an exciting experience

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Noname : Date March 26, 2009
At first glance, I didn’t care for Tag. I thought it just reads the words off the book like our old books with cassette did when we were kids. If it reads each word, it probably does it in a boring, monotonous tone.

Then, my niece and nephew get Tag for their birthday, and she shares one with a child in the waiting room at the doctor’s office — plenty of exposure to get her excited about Tag. I thought, what the heck, let’s try it.

It is worlds apart from what I expected. Yes, it reads the book, but not in the boring, monotonous tone I expected. It reads in bright, vibrant voices, supplemented with music and sound effects. The child can have the Tag pen read the entire story at once, or it can read the book page by page, or it can read it word by word (in those same, lively voices).

Not only that, my daughter can play word games or answer questions about the story by touching the pen to the star on the page. Some games have varying difficulty levels denoted by the number of stars on the icon.

This is so much better than my daughter’s My First Leappad, which required her to hook the book onto the bulky plastic board and insert a cartridge. This requires only the pen and the books, which take up much less room and make it a great travel toy.

It takes a few minutes to install the software, but it is worth it. After that, just connect the Tag to the computer to download the audio for the books you buy. It can only hold 5 books at a time, which is its downfall. Wish it could hold more or maybe even have a memory card slot.

As the children read and play games, they can earn rewards on the computer. I am able to check my daughter’s progress online and see how much she is playing, which books she spends the most time on and what questions she is answering correctly.

This is a great investment in my child’s learning. She is 5 years old and a beginning reader. I don’t know how long this toy will last. Once she is a strong reader, I suspect this toy will quickly become boring, so it probably won’t have the lifespan that Leapster had. I am estimating about a year, but I will come back to update either way.

In order to make this toy exciting and worthwhile, I need to buy lots of books. Considering the selection, the quality can be very good. If you are not up to buying a Tag library, this toy may not be the right toy for your kids.

Reviews By V. Melendez : Date December 26, 2008
I purchased this item for my three year old daughter and my niece. My daughter found it easy to use and went right away to reading and exploring the pages of the book. While the pen can be used with the included book right away, you do need to download audio for any additional books. I found this to be pretty straight forward and easy.

Reviews By Luis Belfort : Date November 16, 2009
This toy, well I don’t know if I can call it a toy… I think that the best word is learning tool!!!… It reads each word of the book, read a page, or even read the story. Also have some games like find something on the page, colors, etc. My daughter loves it, she plays a lot, I bought some titles and the stories are great. The best of all it’s that they are playing with real books, not with a computer or a game console.

You have to register your Tag with the leapfrog webpage/software to download the stories that you buy to be storage at the tag, this is very easy and the software is very friendly (I use Mac). Be careful, there are a 16MB and 32 MB Tag available (the 32MB has more storage for stories, I return the 16MB and get the 32MB), and the difference in price worth the upgrade. The Leapfrog’s webpage sends you an email with a report of the advances of the reading of you child, tells you how many time spend your child using the tag and they get rewards for the stories they read.

To be honest, this is the best “toy” I’ve ever buy… I fully recommended it. It’s worth every cent. I also bought the Junior Tag for my little daughter and it’s also amazing, she’s almost two, and plays a lot with it.

I also recommend you to buy the case… it helps to have the Tag and the books in the same place and it very useful if you take this “toy” out of the house.

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