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InteracTV – Rapido Tico! By Fisher Price
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  • Entertainment for InteracTV
  • Age Range 3 to 12 Years
  • In “Rapido, Tico?,” you can join Dora? and Boots on an adventure to find Boots’ firetruck!
  • Play learning games along the way, and watch out for Swiper! Over 100 interactive randomized questions have been added to this episode.
  • Help Dora? cross Crocodile Lake, go through the Blue Tunnel, and climb up Snowy Mountain.

List Price: $14.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Tamara Leathers : Date February 23, 2005
My 3 year old just loves this. Infact it has teached him so much that today while out shopping he started counting in spanish up to 10. It keeps him busy. I would recommend this product to everyone. It really does teach your kids. As far as the other people that mentioned troubles with programming it, i never had an issue. if you read the instructions you shouldn’t have any problems. it’s just like programming a remote control, cause that is what it is. Infact it has 3 settings on the back, so if you travel they can bring it with them. like to grandma’s house and program each setting. like 1 for home, 2 for grandma’s, etc….

Reviews By A. Ricco : Date March 21, 2005
My son loves this one also.

After a month of having it he can do everything without me except handle the DVD. I still like sitting with him though.

Reviews By kborko : Date December 28, 2004
I think this is a great item, however the set up was a little rough trying to find the right code for the interacTv to actually work. This is geared for 3 and up, and that it should be. Some of the these are confusing to figure out. My daughter is almost three, and had a hard time associating that the hand held controller was the exact picture as the tv.

She loves Dora, so anything Dora keeps her attention. Nice for the whole family to help with, it is fun.

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