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Fisher-Price Dora Fiesta Favorites Kitchen By Fisher-Price
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  • Dora will guide you through each recipe
  • Includes recipe card that has 2 recipes on each side of the card
  • Cook with Dora in her Fiesta Favorites Kitchen
  • Features bilingual phrases
  • Includes all the accessories needed to cook each recipe

List Price: $104.99

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Fisher-Price Dora Fiesta Favorites Kitchen Description


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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By B. Francis : Date November 9, 2011
This kitchen set is quite good for the price paid (60 before amazon went OOS on it, check toysrus website to get it for this price still). Here are my particulars concerning assembly

Time to assemble: 15 minutes
Ease of assembly: Above Average (parts lined up pretty well, instructions were easy to follow/understand).
Tools required: Phillips Screwdriver (There were ~20 screws)

Difficulties experienced: Items that were supposed to snap in place by pushing down had to be fed/pushed through slot individually as opposed to simply pushing down as the instructions suggested The oven and refrigerator doors required a bit of persuasion to snap into their respective receptacles

Desired improvement: The sink is held in by nothing other than gravity; in a toy that used a fair amount of screws/snaps to hold items in place, the sink was void of any of these. Granted, the sink is the item that would cause the least inconvenience from not being held firmly in place. Nonetheless, when busy little hands get to going and they bump/hit something against the facet it will move (though comes back to rest in its normal position). That was a minor annoyance for me; I plan to use some Gorilla Glue to rectify this.

The accessories are mostly enjoyable/good. BLUF, don’t expect to be overwhelmed with the quality/appearance of the accessories, however they are quite acceptable considering they came at no additional charge. The only pieces that underwhelmed me were the hashbrown and phone. The hashbrown could have benefitted from a contrasting color to outline the texture, as the texture was minor and, unlike the picture shown, is one continous piece with no openings.…

The recipe cards are a good idea and are enjoyable. They are plastic sheets (think plastic coated paper, bendable but not easily damaged) that you insert into the kitchen hutch area. The kitchen comes with one recipe card, but is reversible containing two different recipes and as such two different play scenarios.

Reviews By D. Fowler : Date October 5, 2011
“Dora the Explorer” is a eight-year-old that most preschoolers are familiar with and want to join in on her adventures. With this easily assembled kitchen (instructions are included) children can have an educational, interactive experience as they play and cook along with Dora. The “kitchen” is solid, but not as heavy as Little Tikes equipment as it will not get the beating they have to endure. This is a toy that uses the imagination and doesn’t take as much abuse as a picnic table. The kitchen colors are bright, exciting and are a real draw.


+ The “kitchen” which includes a refrigerator, oven, stovetop, sink, and grill. The dials to the oven move and you can open the fridge to store things in. The oven and refrigerator each have two shelves and the movable oven dials have sound.

+ Two double-sided recipe cards, one for a barbeque, the other from a spring picnic.

+ Accessories such as a pan, jar of salsa, milk (leche) carton, hamburger, lettuce, cup, spatula, working phone, etc. There are twenty play pieces, not including those you can add yourself. For example, you can purchase extra pieces at the dollar store or go green and add small empty recycled containers. These can be stored in an added side container or in the refrigerator.


You simply slide one of the recipe cards into the window centered above the sink and stove. When you press a flower button below the window sill Dora will take you through a recipe. The visuals on the cards make it easier to gather up the necessary pieces for the recipes.

Dora’s voice is very clear and loud as she gives directions, but the sound can be adjusted if needed on the power/volume switch.…

The only thing you will need prior to assembly is a Phillips screwdriver and three AA batteries, preferably alkaline for longer life. It should take twenty minutes to a half hour for assembly. You should wash all the small parts in hot soapy water and wipe down everything before using as that hamburger is sure to be nibbled on.

Reviews By Ed : Date October 3, 2011
I’m not sure what it is with toy kitchen sets, but kids love playing with them. I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that kids like to emulate what their parents do. When I saw the Fisher-Price Dora Kitchen, I knew immediately that my kids would enjoy it.

- Fast and easy assembly
- Good quality
- Decent selection of accessories
- Teaches bilingual phrases
- Competitively priced

- None

Assembling the all-plastic kitchen took me 20 minutes and didn’t require much strain. There weren’t as many pieces to put together as I was expecting. All the screws were the same size so it made the build go a lot faster. The stickers for the kitchen were already applied as well. I started building the kitchen with a multi-bit screwdriver but eventually had to switch to a regular philips head because my ratcheting, multi-bit screwdriver was too thick to reach down in a couple of areas. I recommend starting out with a normal screwdriver.

The build quality of the kitchen is very good. Our previous play kitchen was of terrible quality, constantly fell over, and eventually fell apart. The Fisher-Price kitchen has a wide base for stability, and every piece lines up perfectly. The doors open and shut well, the knobs turn with a solid feel, and the buttons that activate the phrases operate without problems. My daughter’s friend has another version of this kitchen and has had it for a while.…

The kitchen set comes with a pretty impressive amount of accessories. Most of the items are plastic, but a couple of the pieces, like the tortilla, have a rubbery texture. I found out that you can also buy a couple of extra sets of food that come with new recipe cards, that unlock more phrases. Yes, this is a ploy to make more money, but for about $11 each, it’s not a bad deal.

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Fiesta Favorites Kitchen Food – Apple Pie

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Fiesta Favorites Kitchen Food – Holiday Cookies

The device that speaks phrases runs on three AA batteries that are included.

Reviews By David Montgomery : Date January 19, 2012
I got this for my 2 daughters, ages 2 and 5. It was primarily intended for my 2-year-old, although my 5-year-old plays with it sometimes as well. It’s made with the good, solid quality that typifies most of Fisher-Price’s products. I imagine that it will last a long time. The problem is that there really isn’t that much to it. We have a similar play kitchen that the girls got as a gift that has more features and cost less. With this item part of what you’re paying for is the character licensing, but there really isn’t much that makes this kitchen Dora-specific. So it’s a good product if you’re looking for this kind of thing, but it might not be worth paying full price.

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