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Fisher-Price Loving Family – Family Manor By Fisher-Price
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Price for Fisher-Price Loving Family – Family Manor. Fast Shipping

  • Great addition to the Loving Family collection
  • Loving Family Manor is a smaller, compact Loving Family Dollhouse which folds for easy storage
  • The Manor has 4 large rooms with realistic design and playful details
  • Provides open ended imaginative play
  • Also includes Mom, Dad and Baby

List Price: $44.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By LegoMama : Date September 26, 2011
This is a great dollhouse- much smaller than the Grand Dollhouse, this was made as a special edition for sale at T-get. For us, we needed a dollhouse that did not take up a lot of space, making this a perfect buy- there are 2 nice sized floors and 2 extra fold put rooms. The colors are nice and bright and the house is very inviting. It comes with a mom, dad & baby, but only 2 pieces of furniture- a large bed for the parents, and a large cradle for the baby. That furniture pretty much takes up most of the 2nd floor. Because of the size of the house, I’d say you only need to buy about 3 additional furniture sets- kitchen, bathroom and either living room/family room/dining room. This house has great play value, and it stores very nicely.

Reviews By caribjane : Date October 30, 2011
Just purchased this for my grand daughter know she will love it. The Dollhouse only comes with the Mom, Dad and Baby no Bed or Crib as stated in another review. I did purchased the Living room, Bath & Kitchen furn. now off to buy the Bedrooms.

Reviews By Mrs.McKoy : Date August 18, 2012
For a while now, I have been looking for a doll house for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She’s at that awkward stage between toddler toys and big girl toys, so it can be sometimes difficult to find something that will hold her interest or is at her current developmental level.
I saw this online and went over several reviews. It was mainly because of the review left by ‘LegoMama’ that I decided this would be a nice addition for my daughter; I could live with having to purchase a couple more sets (despite the price) because as mentioned by her and as I thought, it would come with a cradle and bed for the parents plus the little family. So when I received this I was disappointed to find it ONLY came with the Mom, Dad, and baby – no bed sets for either. Thank God I purchased additional furniture upon purchase or had I not, my little girl would have been very disappointed and I would have been one upset Mamma.
I think for this price, it should come with SOMETHING besides the family so you’re not just receiving a completely empty doll house. If I would have been properly informed, I don’t really know if I would have purchased it. I realize it is the intention to get consumers to buy additional sets but I feel this is bad business, as really, I’m only receiving the shell for all the creativity to be had. For what’s given, $25-30 would have been a more accurate price.

Regarding the doll house; I will admit that it is cute and sturdy – this cannot be easily broken by a rough child. Even if it does break, pieces can be easily popped back into place. It has two fold out sections and adequate room to fit all the furniture (3-4 sets will fit fine). The design is nice and all sets I purchase additionally were in great detail, fun, and well-made; I was actually amazed how much detail went into the sets compared to other children’s toys. I especially enjoyed the Bathroom and Laundry Room. The drawers in the bathroom can be pulled out and there’s even a little blow-dryer which is attached by a string (it won’t be easily lost). This is a feature seen with the Laundry Room as well regarding the iron. The washer and dryer doors on the Laundry Room set can be opened and little pieces of doll clothes (something like the Blythe doll clothes from Littlest Pet Shop) will fit inside.

I would hesitantly recommend this product to someone else, of course letting them know ALL the details and that they will be roughly spending around $100 for everything. If you’re ok with that, go for it.

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