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Pocket Blackjack 21 By Radica Games
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  • Auto betting and point calculation.
  • Manufactured by Radica Games.
  • Double-down betting feature.

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By BookFamily : Date September 23, 2010
Great stocking stuffer.. so cute the kids loved it.. might help number recognition…

Reviews By E. Kennedy : Date April 21, 2011
I gave this as a present to a friend who loves blackjack and has a long train ride to work. He loved it! Keeps him amused on long commutes. It’s a good size to carry around too.

Reviews By Noah Vail : Date June 18, 2013
Like the cheaper ($10) Pocket Blackjack Green game, Pocket Blackjack 21 lacks critical capabilities that are available in other electronic versions of the game. For instance, you can’t split pairs such as two aces or the same facecard, you’re limited to doubling down only with 10 or 11 points on the deal, and the game doesn’t immediately indicate the dealer has Blackjack until after you hold. Older multi-function games have Blackjack modes that provide these important choices, but I can’t recommend this one when it costs so much ($25).

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