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The Hypnotic Light Cube By Hypnocube LLC
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  • Virtually unlimited variations
  • The original HypnoCube featuring the most amazing art. Prettier than any other cube!
  • 64 full color RGB LEDs in a 3D 4x4x4 cube
  • An amazing lightshow
  • Ambient lighting for home, office, dorm, or party.

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The Hypnotic Light Cube Description

Ambient lighting for home, office, dorm, or party…

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By W. Mayhew : Date December 22, 2011
The Hypnocube is art lamp meets kinetic art. Well, kinetic in the sense that the 4 by 4 by 4 three dimensional matrix of 64 LEDs constantly changes color through more than fifty programed animation sequences. There are 4096 possible colors uniquely displayed by each LED. On the manufacturer’s web site, it is stated the random number generator comprises 512 bits, which results in a series of sequences that shouldn’t repeat any more often that the age of the universe. I have recognized the basic seqences repeating, but each time they are a little different.

The Hypnocube arrived nicely packed in a an anti-scratch wrapper in a box that was pleasantly devoid of styrofoam.

The power consumed by the Hypnocube is supposedly only about one watt. The power adapter supplied works from any wall socket voltage 50/60 Hz.

The matrix of wires that supports the LEDs is hand made. I don’t think there would be an easy way to get an industrial robot to build the matrix. The workmanship of the soldering was well done, and the even with the LEDs off, the the hypnocube is a sight to behold for an electronics geek that appreciates the amount of manual labor that must have gone into building the device.

If you eventually get bored watching your Hypnocube, you can modify it by adding a USB port and controlling it with your computer. The manufacturer has instructions and sample code for dot net on its web site. There is a surprisingly rich communication protocol that even allows the individual LEDs to be set to specific colors. Of course, any modificiations are strictly your responsibility, and you are on your own if you fry your Hypnocube.

All in all, the Hypnocube is a very fun diversion and a great coversation starter.

Reviews By Bobby : Date November 24, 2012
This is just a quick video for everyone to see some of the light sequences.

Reviews By myxomycota : Date February 6, 2012
I turned on some music and started this thing up and was mesmerized…it really creates an amazing array of colors! I only wished that the cube responded to music, and then I found out that the next iteration the “8-cube” will! However, the expected price of the 8-cube is $2400!! So this cube is a great price! Awesome.

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