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  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Plantoys are made from non-toxic natural materials such as organic rubberwood
  • PlanToys practices the three RS of Green Living: Reduce Reuse and recycle our manufacturing processes are designed to reduce waste and save energy
  • PlanToys is the first company to manufacture toys using wood from rubber trees that no longer provide Latex
  • Plantoys creates innovative educational toys for every developmental stage of childhood

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By K. Ho : Date December 4, 2007
Our son walked a little on the late side at 17 months, and this little alligator has become a great companion for him since. With a dog, we must go for walks daily, and he walks the alligator while I tend to his younger brother and walk the dog. That alligator has put some MILES on it. We got it as a gift from my aunt who is an avid Salvation Army shopper and were devastated when a wheel fell off (this is probably after at least 50 miles on the thing, not including its milage from previous owners), but we found a label on its clackity body and were ecstatic to have located a new one. The best part … no batteries! Just a well-made and inexpensive toy that is, quite literally, willing to go the distance with your little one.

Reviews By Megan : Date December 30, 2007
I bought this cute little fellow for my nephew. When it came, I just HAD to get it out and play with it myself! The clapping (not overly annoying) intrigued and scared my cat, but I sure thought it was fun. The wheel axels are off-center, forcing the “worm”-like motion (like the 80s dance, which forces the plates to clap as it strolls along. It is smaller than I expected — box is only about 4″x4″x12″, but I guess that makes it a little less intimidating for small children. Haven’t given this to my nephew yet, but I sure think it’s a great, timeless toy that can entertain for many years. For those who are interested, the paint is soy-based; the manufacturer really seemed to be dedcated to a natural, quality product.

Reviews By Denise Fanning : Date May 6, 2007
This is a great walking toy for toddlers. the alligator’s wooden body moves as it walks, so it makes the kids giggle and interested in walking with it.

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