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Groovy Musical Set By Smart Gear – Toys
0stars Cheap Price Groovy Musical Set

Price for Groovy Musical Set.

  • Groovy musical set
  • Multicolored
  • Made from rubber wood and strictly using non-toxic paints, dyes and lacquers and formaldehyde free glue
  • The perfect gift for a child
  • Suitable for children 24 months and up

List Price: $29.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By toddlermom : Date March 8, 2012
My son LOVES these instruments because he LOVES animals. We discovered these durable instruments in music class. They have held up to countless pounding and playing during multiple music sessions. They are attractive to children, especially the alligator one, is often fought over. My son never wants to give them back, so I searched long and hard to find one that we could play with at home. As soon as I got this link from the music teacher, we bought it right away. HIGHLY recommend these instruments for any toddlers that are learning to love making music at home.

Reviews By SuperAwesome : Date December 31, 2011
I’ll admit, I bought this because I thought the butterfly was cute. I really didn’t care about the other “instruments”. We already had real shaker eggs Meinl Plastic Egg Shaker (4 pc Assortment), thank goodness because this penguin one is horrible. You can barely hear it at all, seems like it would make a nice dent in something for a throwing child. The crocodile… I still don’t really know what it does. My daughter colored on it, I think she did a good job.

LUCKILY when I bought this, I also bought another, functional set that I *highly* recommend.Sevi Instrument Toy Set 8 Piece

The butterfly is still cute.

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