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417QC3AhRxL Cheap Price Design & Drill Drill

417QC3AhRxL. SL75  Cheap Price Design & Drill Drill

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Design & Drill Drill By Educational Insights
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Price for Design & Drill Drill.

  • 4.75″L x 1.60″W x 4.75″H

List Price: $29.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Hope Heidtman : Date January 8, 2013
This was a gift for our 1.5 yo son. The original drill came damaged (battery case would not close) and a whole new set was shipped & received very quickly. After about a year, of constant use and being taken from home to grandma’s, to the sitter and the store, and every where in between, the drill disappeared. Thinking the toy would be forgotten, I shrugged it off. However, the "where’s my tool" never ended. "Santa" hesitantly bought a replacement drill and he’s never been happier – until he unwrapped the Educational Insights Desing & Drill Take-Along Took Kit. Both get excellent use there never seems to be an end to his smile with these toys. They are rugged, stored easily and the batteries DO NOT need replacing all the time. I believe that the original drill which was around for nearly 1 year only had the batteries replaced twice, and the toy was played with DAILY. Good toy.

Reviews By mom : Date May 27, 2013
Our grandsons needed another drill to let every one have their own.
This extra works perfect! Works we’ll with Design and drill tool kit.

Reviews By SH : Date April 7, 2013
My four year old loves to play with the play drill and bolt set. The drill has forward and reverse and is easy for my son to handle and use.

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