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3-D Solar System By University Games
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  • Watch the Universe glow from your own room
  • Amazing planetary facts included
  • Ages 3 & Up
  • Lifetime glow guarantee
  • Over 200 glow-in-the-dark planets and stars

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By S. Crane : Date June 16, 2003
We wish the “planets” included glowed brighter and longer, and that the “200 adhesive stars” weren’t just a strip of variously-shaped stickers (some so tiny they had to be removed with tweezers!), but all-in-all you get what you pay for and it is at least teaching our son about the solar system. The planets are also expected to be hung from the ceiling using fishing line and what amount to thumbtacks, so I recommend having some good nails or hooks at your disposal or you will probably be frustrated by bent tacks and hammered fingers. I will add that there are much brighter and longer-lasting plastic glow-stars out there. We found some and have made our son’s room much more impressive since this purchase. We just tell him the dimmer stars are the ones further away. icon smile Cheap Price 3 D Solar System Put stars up in your kid’s room! It’s really cool. Just get a lot and get good ones.

Reviews By Micole Roy : Date January 8, 2004
The educational value of having the planets hang from our son’s room is great. At 4 years-old, he could name the nine planets thanks in large part to this “toy”. So I give it the highest marks in educational value. A little tid-bit about each of the planets is provided on a panthlet in this set and I read it to our son as my husband hung the set. Our son actually memorized much of what I read to him and when the set was new he asked me to reread the panthlet to him several times to fill in the pieces of information that he had forgotten.

It’s also fun in that our son enjoys showing it to our guests and telling them about the planets. However, I rate the set as 4 out of 5 stars in the fun category simply because it is more like decoration. This set hangs from the ceiling, so you never play with it or even touch it once it is hung. You simply enjoy looking at it and talking about it.

The downside of this set is that the stars are really small stickers so you will want to purchase some larger glow-in-the-dark stars. Also it is a pain to hang this set since you have to tie fishing line to each of the planets and then use tack-like objects to connect them to the ceiling. But once you have it all set up your child will probably be pleased.

Reviews By DS : Date July 15, 2002
Bought this for my 2-yr old son, who has been asking for planets for some time now (I think he picked up planets from one of his baby einstein videos). When I first showed him the box, his eyes lit up and would not let it go. Putting it together, all he wanted to do was hold the strings (that the planets were attached to) and kick the planets; it takes quite a bit of patience to tie the fishing line to the planets, while keeping the little ones at bay. We finally got them hung on the ceiling, along with the accompanied glow in the dark stars/moons/shapes. When we turned off the lights, the planets came alive! He loved it! He just layed in bed, looking up at his solar ceiling. And he now asks for the planets by name … especially Jupiter and Earth. Well worth the…investment.

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