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Dragonz Zanybandz
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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By amazonbuyer : Date May 28, 2010
Some folks have been saying that the Zany Bands fit the wrist a little too tight. I tested this set and they fit just fine. The circumference of my right wrist is 7 1/2 inches. This should help you as you make your decision.

As stated above, I love the tie dye look and the shapes are really cute to boot.

So if I am not a kid & I have really big wrists these should be just fine for most of the school kids that are trading them.

I do have a set of the Zany Band Sea Creatures & those do fit my wrist too tightly. But again, the school age kids should be just fine.

Reviews By J. Roos : Date June 7, 2010
My son was thrilled to get these bands to add to his collection. He loves the tie-dye effect and the dragon/castle theme. Very unique.

Reviews By E. Kennedy : Date January 22, 2012
I am so blown away by these shaped band bracelets. They’ve been around for a couple of years and I’d love to know how they work. You wear them like bracelets then when you take them off they go back to the original shape. Silly Bandz are the original version, these Zany Bandz are an off brand but they’re usually the same quality as the original. Once in a while you’ll get a band or two that’s a bit small. I once got a pack of famous monuments and couldn’t wear the pyramids because they were too small.

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