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Silly Bandz Pets – 24 Pack
By Silly Bandz
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  • These are the real Silly Bandz
  • Die-molded
  • Made of silicone
  • 24 Silly Bandz in assorted fantasy shapes
  • Return to their original shape

List Price: $7.99

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Silly Bandz Pets – 24 Pack Description


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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Rebekah : Date June 13, 2010
For some reason, these pet Silly Bandz seem weaker than the other shapes. I broke a duck just putting it on and broke a pig taking it off. My friend also broke a pig taking it off. I haven’t had any problems with my jungle or rock music Silly Bandz.

Reviews By J. Lesley : Date January 21, 2010
This set of Silly Bandz – Pets was a special request from my 8 year old granddaughter for one of her Christmas gifts. It took me forever to figure out just what she was talking about. Even when I saw the picture of the product here on Amazon I still had trouble understanding why she would want these. It turned out they were all the rage at school.

When she opened the package on Christmas day her eyes lit up like stars. There were 6 different shapes in this package, 24 pieces in total, all very recognizable animals. She thoroughly enjoyed using them as jewelry (bracelets for arms and legs) and in the way you would usually use string to make various shapes of string art. They also function completely well as an actual rubber band.

There really isn’t much to this product and yet it seems to be a very resilient product which gives hours of fun. The bands spring back into their original shape after being stretched out and indeed, one band was left on a doll’s wrist for a month and resumed it’s shape when I found it and removed it. I now have a purple puppy of my very own.

Reviews By S. Elrasoul : Date July 25, 2010
So my sister started telling me that she had to have these bandz and that everyone in the “world” has them. So I naturally had to buy these for her. I have to say I have bought a bunch of these (Silly Bandz and the knock off brands) and these bands I mean “Bandz” are the best. The othre brands seem to be cheap and lower quality. Already one have broke of the knock off while the Silly Bandz still hold strong. Also Silly Bandz seem to be thicker which is a +. These bands are not that tight either which is very important cause we don’t need hands to start turning purple. Fun shapes and great quality. These are a + in my book and the kids love trading them. So my advise to parents, stick to the name brand this time around, your kids will love you for it.

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