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Baseball Crazybands
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  • Includes 4 each of 6 shapes: Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone, Double Note, Electric Guitar, Single Note & Microphone.
  • Quantity: one pack of 24 MUSIC shapes.
  • Ages 5+

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By David Patton : Date July 13, 2010
Great selection for anyone indulging a young person’s newest fad craze. Buyer should be aware that this craze is being considered a problem for schools and teachers and several states have banned them from schools. The reason for this is that students trade them, use them as “sling shots,” steal them from one another and cause general inappropriate distractions at school. However, they are an innocent fad that children are enjoying this summer and are inexpensive and fun. Adults should make their children aware of the reasons that they are not a good idea for wearing during school hours. Otherwise, I recommend them and this seller.

Reviews By Jennifer Michelle : Date March 2, 2012
I bought these for parent of my little brothers Christmas present and he loved them! I wear one to work everyday and the baby that’s there pulls on it and it doesn’t break.

Reviews By James : Date July 13, 2011
I initially thought this was a good deal on small packs of silly bands to use as party favors. Received the item, and it is actually only ONE pack that has 24 silly bands.

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