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Trailer Park Wars By Gut Bustin’ Games
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  • Playing time about an hour
  • Includes 100 pink yard Flamingo miniatures
  • For 2-6 Players
  • A game of lower level management
  • Hilarious and fun to play

List Price: $29.99

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Reviews By C. Roof : Date August 11, 2009
Most of the time there are 6 players, so the Flamingo Store is not very well stocked for that many players. The game ends before we really get into it. Also their are very few “hitched” cards to marry the residents in the parks, like Milebourns, too many bumps in the road. We intend to buy more flamingos or add bottle caps to the game to make it last a little longer, and make a couple more “hitched” cards, so we can double up more of the residents. It takes a bit to read each of the cards to see advantages and disadvantages, but once we get that down, I’m sure we will enjoy it more.

Reviews By Bobbie S. Smith-hasson : Date December 27, 2009
I LOVED IT!! Yes, the first time, it did end by the time you got a full understanding of the game but I’ve already ordered the additional flamingos to allow the game to go longer. You’ve got to pay attention and have a strategy cause there’s some reading to do and memorizing. Alot of fun and so glad I bought the game.

Reviews By Kenneth Johnson : Date February 25, 2012
My friends and I love this game. We actually plan for a game night now. I played other board games in the military, and this one will rock with the guys.

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