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Reviews By L. Spicer : Date June 28, 2012
This is not the 2002 version of Candyland pictured. It is the newer Candy Land – The World of Sweets Board Game. The reason I ordered this online is because the stores only carry the newer “World of Sweets” version. It does make a difference to me because I am basing my daughters birthday party off the 2002 characters, since that is the only party supplies available. The new characters have a different look, and they dropped Mr. Mint for the Duke of Swirl. They also have different areas of the game such as Cupcake Commons. If you don’t care what version you are getting, the game still works the same as the older version.

Reviews By Jack Olive : Date February 14, 2012
The board version of Candyland that I received (for my 5-yr son) WAS NOT as pictured. Thanks, but we already have this version of the game – it’s not MB! Disappointed.

Reviews By Emillion : Date May 18, 2012
This product is not the one I was looking for! I wanted the Milton Bradley version, the one sent to me was the Hasbro version. It is still a fun game, but I really wanted to replace the exact one my sons played before. If the product was depicted correctly, I would have known to just go to the store.

Reviews By robin : Date October 31, 2012

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