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Reviews By Sandy : Date November 27, 2010
When you unzip the cover it won’t lay flat and the letters won’t stay in place. I have been trying to figure out how to fix it but to no avail. We are unable to use it!!
Sandra Barbee
I certainly would not recommend it to anyone.

Reviews By Alejandro Estrada : Date November 21, 2011
I play in my free time with my workmates.

Reviews By brokecollegekid : Date June 10, 2011
While I purchased this travel Scrabble before the iPhone app “Words with Friends” became popular, I still like using it. Sometimes it’s more fun if everyone can see the board instead of having to pass a phone around.

I bought this Scrabble edition for an upcoming trip, so I was a little disappointed to learn that you cannot fold and close the board if you still have letter tiles in place – I assumed the point of this travel addition was not only its smaller size, but also that you could stop and start as your travel plans allowed.

Other than the closing issue, it is a solid product, if not somewhat bulky.

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