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  • For 3 to 6 players
  • 60 minutes of play time
  • Designed for 3?6 players aged 12 and up
  • Cooperative game

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Betrayal At House On The Hill Description

The creak of footsteps on the stairs, the smell of something foul and dead, the feel of something crawling down your back – this and more can be found in the exciting refresh of the Avalon Hill favorite Betrayal at House on the Hill. This fun and suspenseful game is a new experience almost every time you play – you and your friends explore “that creepy old place on the hill” until enough mystic misadventures happen that one of the players turns on all of the others. Hours of fun for all your friends and family. Designed for 3–6 players aged 12 and up, this boardgame features multiple scenarios, a different lay-out with every game, and enough chills to freeze the heart of any horror fan.

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By T. Hey : Date October 19, 2010
This game is really great. Someone in my gaming group has the 1st edition, so we were all really excited when we found out this was being reprinted.
For those of you who have played the first edition, the gameplay is the same. Some rules have been clarified, and there is more text on some of the room tiles for ease of use.
For those of you who haven’t played: you should. You are a group of explorers going through a haunted house. Up to 6 people can play, and each of the 6 character cards has a front and a back, each with different stats to add variation. Other people have posted more on how the game works, so I won’t go too much into it right now.
This reprint added some new haunts, which is really fun. I haven’t had a chance to play many of the new ones, but I did get to play one with hidden traitors, and I enjoyed it. Some of the haunts can also be unbalanced.

Reviews By S. Foulon : Date April 4, 2011
I actually bought this game at my local game store and discovered the tile warping discussed in many reviews. I returned to the game store and ran into a Wizards of the Coast employee who, as soon as he saw me returning the game, asked me if it was because of the “tiles”. He explained that they had a moisture issue during the initial print run that caused the tiles to warp slightly when removed from the shrink wrap. He said that the problem had been addressed during the subsequent production run and he very generously volunteered to send me a new set of tiles, so I didn’t have to return the game after all.

As for the game itself, it’s not bad. I was really hoping it was a hidden traitor game, but unfortunately, the traitor is revealed as soon as he or she is designated. The strength of the game is the collection of ending scenarios which provides a lot of interesting variety during the first 50 play-throughs. On the down side, the game is light on strategy and heavy on luck, especially during the first half of each game. If you’ve got kids between 10 and 16, they’ll probably enjoy it a lot.

Reviews By Caitlin Cooke : Date October 15, 2010
I’ve only played this edition a few times, but so far I am loving it! It doesn’t seem much different from the first besides the new and more balanced haunts, plus some board fixes (the Underground Lake is no longer an upper floor tile sadly!). The room tiles and characters are pretty much the exact same, but it looks like they did some minor revamping with the monster/item tokens so that they’re easier to differentiate when searching for a specific token.

For those of you who are new to BAHOTH, I definitely recommend picking it up, especially if you’re into other RPG styled board games (or just any RPG games in general). Basically, each character has four stats (Might, Speed, Sanity, Knowledge) that they need to keep up during the game to continue exploring, find items, etc before the Haunt begins. Once the Haunt begins, one (or more) of the characters becomes the “traitor”, essentially the game is now the house + the traitor(s) vs the heroes (everyone else playing). The heroes read a scenario from a different guide than the traitor(s), in a separate room so that each team can develop a game plan.

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