Cheap Price 4-in-a-Row Puppies and Kittens

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4-in-a-Row Puppies and Kittens By International Playthings
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  • 10.525 ”L x 2”D x 10.625”H

List Price: $11.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Joanne Potter : Date December 20, 2011
We just received this as a Christmas gift and thankfully thought to open it a few days before. It will take that long to assemble the parts. Already my son has ripped several of the puppies and kittens as he’s tried to help assemble the pieces. The game cannot go back in the box because of the legs.

Hasbro, you used to care about your reputation, right? What happened? I know the whole China factory thing is cheaper, but this toy takes the cake in terms of low cost/low value.

Reviews By Viola : Date September 13, 2011
As previously mentioned, you have to put together all the little pieces yourself. You also can never put the game back in the box, since the plastic game board wouldn’t withstand pulling the legs on/off and it won’t fit back into the box as one assembled piece. Probably should have stuck w/ Connect Four, but thought this would be a cute play on that game.

Reviews By E. Tan : Date August 2, 2011
Self assembly on all the plastic carts. Time consuming & annoying. Paper puppy & kitty images that will not withstand wetness so keep it away from drinks & younger children who still put toys in their mouth. Sticky or dirty hands will stain the carts too. You have to be careful in tearing the images out or you’ll get torn carts.

All in all, it’s supposed to be a cute & fun game but it’s not durable.

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