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Giant Garden Four In A Row By Pressman Toys
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Price for Giant Garden Four In A Row.

  • For 2 players
  • Ages 6 and up
  • This supersized plastic board measures 18? x 21?
  • Pressman giant garden four in a row
  • By pressman

List Price: $39.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By not worth the money at all! : Date July 23, 2011
Just bought this and by the pic. it looks like it would be about 3 ft maybe 4 ft tall! NOPE its a foot and a half!!!! made very poorly and the checkers fell apart the are really flimsy. I DO NOT recommend this for anyone untill the fix the checkers and actually tell you how tall it is in the description.

Reviews By J. Reilly : Date July 3, 2009
We loved this game, a party favorite for the kids. Unfortunately the plastic checkers split apart and the the size of the checkers are impossible to find replacements for. I would not buy this game again unless they change the design of the checker pieces.

Reviews By Christine Crandall : Date April 17, 2013
Another great game to take camping, take to the beach, use to entertain in the backyard. Love the oversized games.

Reviews By Kesha : Date May 17, 2013
Okay.. so I bought this truly thinking it was a “Giant Garden Four in a Row”… I am calling BS on that one!! Usually I do pretty good with items I purchase from Amazon, for the most part what you see in the picture is truly what you get.. this is terrible!! I bought this thinking what a great idea for the backyard gathering I am having this weekend…NOT SO MUCH!!.. The photo makes this seem as though it is at least 4ft tall..NOT!! It is a table top game… maybe not the regular size game, but still definitely table top. Even the packaging it came in is misleading, the box makes it seems as though you are really getting this large game of connect four, till you get through all the paper stuffing and there at the bottom of the box is this table top game that is about 2 feet taller than my miniature poodle! The only way I can use this outside is on a picnic table, or on a blanket on the ground…

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