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Dachshund-opoly By Late for the Sky
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  • Great family fun
  • For 2-6 players
  • Traditional play or one-hour version

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By A. Meyer : Date April 4, 2011
Wow… I always loved monopoly as a kid, and this takes the game to a new level and is a nice change. The houses and hotels are dog toys and the cards and board are funny and cute. Very well thought out and a perfect gift for anyone owned by a dachshund.

Reviews By S. tamburin : Date September 21, 2011
This is a cute game, but I was disappointed that the place markers are not dachshunds; they are just different colored little bowls. The pictures on the board of the dachshunds are cute, though. Being one of those crazy dachshund lovers who buys just about whatever I can get my hands on that has a dachshund on it, I will enjoy playing this game with my grandkids. What else can I say, if you like Monopoly you can get the game in various forms just to make it a little different. There are various dog breeds, you can pick different cities, animals, etc. The game is played basically the same as regular monopoly.

Reviews By jillybean21 : Date January 4, 2012
I purhased this for my daughter for Christmas and it ended up being her favorite gift! Hours of fun and learning come with this game. Makes a great family game. Awesome shipping and customer service.

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