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Killer Bunnies Violet Booster By Playroom Entertainment
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  • For ages 12 and up
  • Social interaction play, great for large groups
  • Contains humorous, non-violet images
  • High quality card stock
  • Expandable yet non-collectible

List Price: $12.00

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Killer Bunnies Violet Booster Description


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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By VC : Date March 13, 2006
This is the third expansion pack and you have to buy them in order, the first is yellow, but usually comes with the basic game. The second one is red. This game is really fun. I enjoy it very much and this pack gave us some fantastic new cards to make the game even more wild and crazy.

Reviews By romevi : Date June 11, 2009
It’s best to play a game with just the Red set first, then go ahead and get this expansion. Though it doesn’t introduce anything “new,” the Violet Booster deck and 20-sided die just MIGHT be overwhelming for a beginner. But the choice is clearly up to you.

I rated the educational value as a 3/5 because, though this is a simple card game that virtually anyone with little to knowledge (not trying to be crass) can play, so long as the rules are explained well enough, many of the cards contain tons of literary and cultural references that’ll make people think “Hmm… I wonder what this reference is.” Hopefully, then, it’ll have players look up the reference…and learn something new!

Though the quality of the cards has declined over the years, they are still durable.

All in all, if you want to complete the QftMC set, you have to buy this booster, just as with the other boosters. The entire sets were made at once, but separated into respective booster decks to eliminate confusion for beginners and ameliorate its replay value.

Reviews By Dordy : Date June 20, 2013
I don’t remember all the cards this one comes with. we’ve had ours for years and bought this as a gift for family after they played with us on vacation. It has the usual additions, but nothing noteworthy that I can think of.

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