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  • CONTENTS: Kazink? playing cards, Game board, Stacking chips, Game instructions
  • Stack’em up – three in a row!

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By K. Ingraham : Date January 17, 2006
We just played this game for the first time this weekend. We gave it as a gift for Christmas assuming it’d be good since it’s made by the same folks as Sequence. Well, turns out we like it even more than Sequence and now we’re getting a copy for ourselves. It involves great strategy and variety.

Reviews By James Scott : Date February 16, 2006
Our family (including children ages 12 and 7) loves this board game. It is much like the game of Sequence, which we also love. One complaint we have about the game is that the set of cards that comes with the game is too small. We find ourselves reshuffling the deck several times during the game. We’d love to buy a second set of the cards to go with the game.

Reviews By J. Beguhl : Date July 8, 2009
This is a game for those who like Sequence with a little more strategy. The cards show just the 4 suits, not numbers, making it easier for younger children. The idea is to create a stack of 3 chips, called a “crown”. Two rows of crowns wins the game. The special cards add a lot of strategy to the game as well. Nicely produced as well, with a bright, colorful board and big, stacking chips.

Reviews By Nancy Herber : Date March 28, 2013
A great game. I play it with my grandchildren ages 6, 9 and 13. All 3 of them thoroughly enjoy them. Helps kids develop "strategic thinking" skills. Simple, but there’s a challenge there along with good competition.

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