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Reviews By Fluffy, Destroyer of Men : Date March 6, 2011
I recently purchased Hive Carbon in order to play it with a number of friends that enjoy abstract strategy games. Hive can be compared to chess in that players take turns placing or moving pieces, the different pieces move in unique ways, and the game ends when one player manages to “capture” the other player’s Queen Bee. But the games are worlds apart and it would be inaccurate to label Hive as a chess variant. In Hive there is no board. The pieces themselves form the board. At the beginning of the game the first player and then the second player lay down one piece.

Reviews By Ed Pegg : Date March 28, 2011
I collect games of high quality, and Hive is perhaps the highest. The tiles are made of thick bakelite, absolutely gorgeous and a pleasure to handle. There seven basic pieces:
Grasshopper (3) – jumps in a straight line over any number of pieces.
Ant (3) – slides anywhere legal.
Beetle (2) – crawls 1 in any direction, including atop the hive.
Spider (2) – slides 3 spaces without backtracking.
Ladybug (1) – moves 2 atop the hive, then 1 down.
Queen bee (1) – slides 1 in any direction.
Mosquito (1) – copies the movement of any single pieces it touches.

On the first turn, players place one of their piece adjacent to each other, and this forms the Hive. No move may be made which separates the Hive. On each turn, a player may do one of the following:
1. Place a piece so that it doesn’t touch an enemy piece.
2. Move a friendly piece.

To win, surround the opponent’s queen bee. Quite a delightful game.

Reviews By E. Springer : Date October 16, 2012
I was worried that a 5 or 6 year old (I tried with both) would find the movement rules too complex, as it’s rated Ages 8+. Although I needed to offer some reminders, the games went smoothly, and both kids asked for repeat play. (To shorten attention-span required, however, I started placing all the pieces first, like football teams lined up symmetrically behind the two touching centers, queen bees like shotgun quarterbacks.) After one evening, I still have only the most rudimentary mental notes on strategy. This game does indeed seem to belong among the true strategy games: Nothing is hidden, nothing is random, yet the possibilities stretch out further than our powers of prediction. As with go (baduk / weiqi), the concept of “liberties” is essential; here it means breathing room for the queen bee.

The black and white is handsome, but I do think the colored pieces would make for an easier visual scan of the field of play; on each side, a glance at the pieces leaves them pretty indistinct. To diminish this effect, I put a bit of golden glitter-glue on each queen bee, since that’s the one piece on each side that should stand apart most dramatically. The stiff plastic pouch is the only element that seems cheap. A cloth bag would be much more classy.

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