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Futurama Monopoly Collector’s Edition By Monopoly
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  • Includes 6 collectible tokens voted on by Futurama fans- Bender, Hypnotoad, Brain Slug, Seymour, Planet Express Ship and the What If Machine.
  • 60-minute speed play option
  • Custom illustrations provided by creator, Matt Groening
  • Gameboard features 22 of the most popular Futurama locations
  • Detail and sculpted custom Resi-Domes and People Hives replace traditional houses and hotels

List Price: $39.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By 35-year Technology Consumer : Date February 18, 2012
As a fan of Futurama since its first episode, I’ve gone through small periods of acquiring Futurama collectibles. I’ve seen some other Monopoly versions (usually regional ones) that I thought seemed wide of the mark in making the connection between Monopoly’s iconic board game play and the theme they were trying to depict one.

This Futurama edition is a great fit into monopoly. My first question:
what properties will occupy the lowest and highest properties in the board?
The answer: Lela’s “Sewer City” birthplace and the headquarters of Mom’s Friendly Robot Company. Awesome choices.

Railroads have been replaced by various spaceships from the show, Chance and Community Chest replaced by “Good News Everyone” and “Attention, Puny Humans”. Game money is Professorland Fun Bucks (including an Al Gore $500 bill), and houses and hotels are replaced with Resi-Domes and People-Hives (sadly: not the Robot Arms).

The player tokens turned to some more obscure areas of the show: if playing with other Futurama junkies, prepare in advance to settle the drama over who will get to be Bender and who will be the Planet Express ship (other tokens are Hypnotoad, Brain Slug, Seymour and the What If Machine).

Excellently captures the spirit of Futurama.

Reviews By CFCFan : Date January 15, 2012
I ordered this game for my brother (a HUGE Futurama fan) for Christmas. He really appreciated this gift, but was reluctant to even open it (what with it being a “Collectors Item” and all). We did convince him to open the game, and we played it as a family. It will be fun for any fan of Futurama, or anyone that is a fan of Monopoly. The attention to detail is nice, and we found ourselves laughing at all of the Futurama references. However, we had a few small issues with this game. We were missing the Hypnotoad game piece (and we didn’t order a “used” version…this was a brand new, still sealed game), and some of the chance/community chest cards were unfinished. When I say unfinished, I mean unfinished. One card read “You beat Elzar to become the next Iron Chef.” That’s it. No “Collect $100″ or “Go to jail.” There are a few (three in total maybe?) that are like that. Even with these issues, it was still fun to play, and my brother just laughed off the small issues we had. I’m going to contact the manufacturers to see if we can get a replacement Hypnotoad game piece, so we will see how that goes. The product would have had 5 stars if not for these small issues.

Edited to say, I received a quick response from usaopoly customer service, and they are taking are of the missing hypnotoad piece. They also said three cards were printed with missing information and you can contact them for replacement cards.

Reviews By DBZFAN : Date December 30, 2011
Great Futurama monopoly game for any futurama or monopoly fan. I just happen to be both, so this was a must have item. I love it, the chance and community chess cards are hilarious. They only draw back is the lack of character pieces. I hoped they would have actual characters from the T.V. show, but they only have bender’s head and some iconic items from the series. But the game is still cool! People seam to be more “willing” to play monopoly after they hear its Futurama theme, so that is also a plus. I would have paid the $39.95 but I got this as a gift. Very happy with it.

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