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The Game of Life By Winning Moves
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  • Classic reproduction of 1960 1st edition
  • Plastic buildings and mountains
  • Number board, Banker’s tray and rules
  • Money pad, cars, stock, and insurance certificates
  • Sturdy bi-fold game board

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By M. Stellmack : Date January 8, 2011
Short review: Yes, this is the original version of Life that you are looking for. If you want the version that you had as a kid, this is it. Buy it.

Long review: I had The Game of Life when I was a kid (in the ’70′s). I don’t know what eventually happened to it, but I do not have it anymore. I bought a new edition of the game a few years ago. It was NOT the same as the old version that I had as a kid. It was a BAD new version. There was too much chance involved, little interaction between players, and the details of what happened to you during the game had little effect on the outcome because there are these dopey little tiles that are worth a huge amount of money that dwarfs any money you might have made during the game. So, although the new version of the game might reflect real life in that what you do during your life has no effect on how it ends, it wasn’t very fun.

This version that I’m reviewing now is the GREAT old version. You have to actually make decisions that have an effect on the outcome, although there is still quite a bit of chance involved. The box says it’s for ages 10 and up, but my 7 and 9 year olds really enjoy it and they’re learning a little about insurance, taxes, making money decisions, and, of course, revenge.

Contrary to what another reviewer said, I don’t notice any difference in the quality of this game versus what I recall of the version of my youth. The buildings look great and the printing on the board is fine. I was excited to see that the print style on the Share the Wealth cards was exactly the same as my childhood version. It is true that there are no images of Art Linkletter on this edition of the game, but if that is extremely important to you, you can probably print some from the internet and tape them to the box.

The game takes us about an hour to play with 4 people, two of whom are children who are occasionally somewhat distractible.

So although you may disagree with one of the ultimate lessons of this game, that the person who ends life with the most money is the winner, it’s really a good game and there are actually other useful lessons about how life works that I didn’t really notice as a kid. I gave it four stars for durability only because the money and cards and board will probably start to show some wear after awhile, but that can’t be helped.…

Reviews By Michael Shaeffer : Date April 20, 2011
First off this is the best of all the life games they have made (1960 Version). If you have played the newer life games you will see that the winner of the game is the person with the most life tiles. It won’t matter about the money in the new game also there are more rules about career changes. Plus the new game is missing the REVENGE Block. The reason I gave it 4 stars on durablity is that the money holders are not as strudy as the original. I have no other complaints about it. I still have my original game that is getting pretty worn out and will be thrown out in a couple years. Now with 2 kids getting older it won’t last through them so I had to buy this so they can enjoy the game as I did.

Reviews By C. Otsuki : Date November 6, 2010
it’s a reproduction of the old game you remember. ALMOST but not quite. this is a subtle and odd thing, but the white plastic used in the buildings is not quite opaque. very slightly translucent… it makes the plastic look a little cheaper. a minor point, but with such a beautiful game, the appearance is the big selling point; it’s a disappointment. maybe you could use white model paint and spruce up the buildings.

of bigger concern is the computer digitized board. sometimes the bit mapping is visible in the lettering. so some of the lettering looks a bit ragged. and even though they cheaped out on the production this way, here and there, the game is really pricey, 30-40% more than the equivalent game today.

finally art linkletter’s picture is missing from the cover. again a minor point, but after all, this is a nostalgia game.

but for all that, overall it’s a nice trip down memory lane. it’s a way for you to get a brand new copy of the game you remember. the hilarious writing on the game spaces is all there (“uncle leaves you skunk farm,” etc.) long a family favorite. i hope they do lots of other games like shenanigans, green ghost, etc. especially the 3M bookshelf games, like breakthrough and feudal.

Reviews By James : Date January 14, 2013
I have recently purchased the Game of Life Classic reproduction of 1960 1st edition by Winning Moves. I also own an original Art Linkletter 1960 edition of the Game of Life. This is a comparison of the two. Firstly there is a difference in the weight of the game board. For comparison I weighed both of them with all buildings and spinner attached. The reproduction weighed 526g (18.55oz) and the original Art Linkletter edition was 637g (22.47oz). The spinner on the reproduction weighed 27g (0.95oz) and the original Art Linkletter spinner weighed 35g (1.23oz). Yes you can feel the difference and the spinner spins much more smoothly on the original. The houses and mountains are also more detailed on the original and made of thicker plastic. The writing on the stickers attached to the mountains is clearer on the original and appear to be poorly scanned on the reproduction.

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