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Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe By Screenlife
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  • Exciting new game features content from all 3 films, including the summer 2010 release, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  • Experience the ultimate trivia game that features all new clips, trivia and on-screen puzzles from this blockbuster franchise
  • Includes: Game DVD, Flextime Game Board, Shuffle Play feature, 4 Collectible Metal Tokens, 160 Trivia cards
  • Also includes: 20 Buzz cards, 1 Six-Sided die, 1 Eight-Sided Die, Instruction Sheet, New Enhance Gameplay

List Price: $29.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By TwiFi98 : Date September 22, 2010
This game is Awesome!! Me and my daughter are major Twihards and we have a blast not only playing this together, but with all her friends. There are so many movie clips, puzzles, and you can also do your own charades with this game.

Reviews By LK : Date October 5, 2010
I purchased this game for my daughter’s 12th Twilight Birthday Party, she was so excited when it came. Good quality. It does take some time to play, you have to pause the game throughout, but all in all, had a blast, we will keep playing it.
Make sure to have at least an 1.5 hour to play the game.

Reviews By K. Gilleland : Date October 3, 2010
I guess it was because I told the boys that girls liked Twilight because Edward was the ‘perfect’ boyfriend….but after that, my teen boys, 14 and 15, started studying the Twilight movies like they were some magickal text. They swear that they HATE Twilight, but couldn’t wait to dive into this game when I got it.

The game is hard, but it’s fun for them, and I play it too. I really liked the books, and I’d think I’d have an advantage, but I don’t seem to, as I never win. There’s a lot about character names. I’m bad with names. The puzzles include putting the scenes in order. I really like those.

There’s a short version and a long version. The short version takes the 3 of us an hour. It’s a well made game. Our biggest complaint is the narrator’s voice. It is supposed to be “Carlisle” from Twilight but it just sounds like, as my son puts it, “Some guy sounding fake English.

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