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Mayfair Games Hey That’s My Fish Deluxe By Mayfair Games
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  • Deluxe version
  • Easty to learn
  • Fun family game
  • Takes 20 minutes to play
  • 16 penguins in 3-d hand painted resin

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Mayfair Games Hey That’s My Fish Deluxe Description

16 penguins in 3-d hand painted resin..

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Daniel L Edelen : Date May 31, 2010
A brilliant game is one that a 6-year-old can play yet a 66-year-old will find hard to master. And Hey, That’s My Fish! is just that game.


Like most “Eurogames,” the pieces in this German-made game by Mayfair are about as high quality as you’ll find. You get 60 two-inch-wide hexagonal game tiles that are used to create a board that never plays the same twice. Each tile has a double-sided illustration of an ice floe containing one, two, or three fish. The tiles are linenized paper affixed to thick cardboard. Sixteen two-inch-high penguin figurines (in four colors, each color with four unique poses) fill most of the box. Each penguin is hand-painted.


When was the last time you could explain the rules of a strategy game in less than a minute? Randomly place the 60 tiles in a rough square. Each player takes one set of four colored penguins and places one penguin on any of the tiles that contain one fish. Each player adds one penguin in turn until all are placed.

Each turn, a player moves one penguin piece any distance across the floes in a straight line. The only limit is open water or meeting another penguin. The tile the penguin moved from is removed from the board and is kept by the player. This creates open water. The object is to gather the most fish, as depicted on the tiles the player’s penguins landed on.

Reviews By joyousdance : Date January 30, 2010
This is a game that is incredibly simple to learn. Basically, there are tiles (ice) that the penguins stand on. The penguins are placed on the tiles one at a time as folks take turns placing their penguins. The penguin must stand on a tile that has only one fish on it (for the first turn). Each player has multiple penguins (a different amount of penguins depending on the # of players) The penguin can move straight ahead as far as it wishes but can not hop over other penguins. As soon as a penguin is moved, the last tile it was standing on is collected by the owner of the penguin. Each of these tiles have anywhere from one to three fishes on it. At the end of the game, the number of fish are counted up on the tiles, and the person with the most fish wins. As the penguins are moved, each player tries to isolate the other players from the tiles by taking away tiles around them. The players also try to land on tiles with the most fish on them. The game changes each time because the tiles are randomly laid out in the general shape of a square, so the placement of the tiles with the most fish changes each game. That’s pretty much it. It’s simple enough for my 6 year old niece to learn and enjoy, and has enough strategy that my 9 year old niece loves it too. A simple game with strategy. Good fun!

I got the deluxe edition, which comes with the nicer penguins, and was glad I did. They are colorful and very well constructed. Definitely worth the extra money.

Reviews By David R. Ernst : Date January 8, 2010
This game is great. I like strategy games, but I hate games with too many rules. Simple to learn, but lots to think about, those are my favorite games. This is a great example. Over Thanksgiving, we played it with my 6 year old niece. I again got swept up in the strategy, and she liked it so much she asked Santa for her own copy for xmas.

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