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Garden-Opoly By Late for the Sky
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  • Choose traditional play or one hour version
  • Opoly-style play
  • For 2 to 6 players
  • Board spaces are specific to life on the farm
  • Learn facts about gardens while you play

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By Megan Romer : Date December 15, 2005
This very fun (and very attractive) version of Monopoly uses different breeds of plants instead of properties, with Poison Ivy replacing Mediterranean Ave. and Orchids replacing Boardwalk. You build flower gardens (with adorable little “clay” pots and greenhouses) instead of houses and hotels. I really loved the tiny gamepieces, instead of the traditional shoe, car, thimble, etc., the game is played with a gardening clog, a ladybug, a garden gnome, a wheelbarrow, a trowel and a worm. Too cute!

Keep in mind, though, that this game does play slightly differently than traditional Monopoly. Because it’s not directly licensed by Hasbro, Late for the Sky had to slightly change the rules so they could receive their own patent. However, you can alter the rules to play just like regular Monopoly, but with an approach that may be more personal to you.

Reviews By J. Nowicki : Date January 24, 2007
Our daughter is an avid gardener so giving her the Late For the Sky Garden-Opoly game was an ideal choice as a Christmas gift. She was very pleased when she received it and even more so after playing it. Our granddaughter was the only one who found anything wrong with the game – ‘Yuck a worm! AND a ladybug!’ – no way were either of them going to be her token! Not for our delicate flower! You can play and learn some gardening facts at the same time. Just make sure to ‘weed’ the instructions first, then plant yourself down among friends and family, dig in and play the blooming game! It’ll grow on you, I promise! ~ Mrs. B.

Reviews By Krissi : Date January 26, 2007
My dad’s hobby is gardening, and so we picked up this game for his birthday. It was very fun to play with the whole family, and even the tidbits of information about different plants and seeds made it even more entertaining.

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