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Barbie Pink Glamour Camper
By Mattel

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  • Set out for on-the-road camping adventures, Barbie Style!
  • Signature details like a pink pop-out tent with glam chandelier
  • Camper moves on four wheels, folds out for fun and folds up for self-contained play!
  • Sound features include music, sizzling cooking, flushing toilet and chirping crickets.
  • Sleep under the stars in the super-cool sleeping bag and fold-out bed

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Barbie Pink Glamour Camper Description

Sleep under the stars in the super-cool sleeping bag and fold-out bed..

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By M. Firlie : Date January 3, 2010
My 6 year old wanted the Barbie camper because she plays with my old one when she visits her grandma. I thought it would be a nice addition and although she is happy to have it and likes the fact it has sounds, she was complaining in the first 5 minutes that the wheels don’t work. Who designed a Barbie camper where the wheels aren’t low enough to really roll across the floor (carpet or hard flooring)? And I agree with the other comments that the sides don’t stay shut when you try to move it and the only storage space for the utensils/plates flies open all the time. It really is cheaply made. I think Mattel needs to do some serious design and quality control with its manufacturing plants. We also have the Barbie with the hair coloring and it is horrible quality. My girls still love to play with them and some of them are good like the John Deere Barbie…and I will say the Diamond Castle was well done when we bought that but the products are not consistently good like they were years ago.

Reviews By OldschoolEl : Date December 31, 2009
Does she love it? yes. Easy to assemble? yes. Does it really roll? Well, uh, yes and no. My complaint is that it rolls as long as you don’t have carpet/ area rug to push it on. It’s a low- rider. And the side panel that opens out will not completely shut (opposite the ‘tent’ pop-out), therefore, it comes apart while the child drags it across the floor. So, I had to teach her to push it while holding that panel closed- sort of hard for a 5 year-old to do consistantly. I had Barbie and her accessories as a child and my complaint on the whole to Mattel would be- Why can’t you make’em like you did 30 years ago? The quality with all the ‘new’ Barbie items just isn’t there. My best advise is to spend your $70 bucks at EBAY on the 1972 version of this.

Reviews By KS : Date December 29, 2009
I was very disappointed in this camper. I had the original orange one as a child and I played with it outside in the yard with my dolls. This new one doesn’t roll because the wheels are not large enough. My daughter has to push it across the floor! The box claims “Wheels really roll” but they don’t. Very disappointed, I contacted Mattel and they said they’d mail me $3 voucher for my problem. Not much consolation for a $70 toy that is poorly designed.

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