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Barbie Fab Girl Doll
By Mattel
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  • The fashion portfolio reveals an exclusive code for girls to unlock Barbie dolls world online.
  • Girls can apply color-change makeup with an applicator
  • Doll Fashion intern by day, fashionista by night!
  • Pull the gems on Barbie dolls hairstyle to create a fabulous updo
  • Doll comes with a texting device so that Barbie can stay connected

List Price: $23.99

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Costumer Reviews

Reviews By M. Wolf : Date February 20, 2010
Compared to some Barbies I have purchased this one is much higher quality. Granddaughter loves it and has been playing with it and the accessories non-stop for days now.

I personally found the packaging to be frustrating. Every last little item strapped down with elastic or tape so everything was picture perfect in the box.

This Barbie has a “grow hair” feature that has take a while for my 5 year old granddaughter to figure out. At first she wanted to cut the strings so she could brush the hair but she seems to have figured it out.

Reviews By ASH : Date July 23, 2011
My daughter welcomed this doll with open arms and she is still dabbling with those strings on the back of the doll. But I do wish the manufacturer wouldn’t strap all the items so hard that it is impossible for the child to take them out without the adult’s help.
But on the whole, it is a nice doll for girls and my daughter plays with it continuously in one of her pretend plays with her little friends.

Reviews By Irishmeemaw : Date December 29, 2009
I gave my grandaughter((age 5) this as a present. As she had opened all the wonderful gifts from other members, Mom and Dad already earlier Christmas morning and Christmas Eve there were many toys opened already. She opened this one and that was it. All she did was switch outfits, put makeup on the doll, got a bed ready for her in the new dollhouse she received. I really had to laugh as she was really focused on getting her dressed just right.

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